Saturday, August 29, 2009

I made a whole dollar.

That's right folks. The garage sale today was not successful, as I made a whole entire dollar. My sister is rolling in the dough with a whole $6.00 and my cousin Shelley has made $2.50. In all fairness, we had a few strikes against us. Friday is not the biggest sale day, and I knew that from doing a yard sale a few times before. My sister lives on the back nine, so locale is a little out of the way and certainly not on the main drag. I mean, there is a rotating crop field right next to her house. Obviously, she isn't in the city. Finally, the weather just was not so great this morning. It poured for hours.

But one dollar. Call me ready to retire. We have plans of re-running the garage sale next weekend, too. All of us put too much work into it.

Smiles in my day:
- The first week of Kindergarten is over. We came through it relatively unscathed. K- enjoys it and looks forward to getting her first public school meal with her friends on Monday. She is so excited that she almost can't stand it.
- Getting rescued by hubs from the lightning.
- The stone soup that my sister made. I laughed and told her that I loved bringing refrigerator offerings and having her make my supper for me. :) I brought a bunch of stuff that I picked from my garden, but didn't get to use yet. I had green beans, tomatoes, a green pepper, parsley, thyme, chives and sage (the sage didn't make the pot, but everything else did.) I also brought barley, potatoes, carrots and some bouillon cubes. I came back later to all of it (with additions from my sister) cooked down with the soup stones rattling at the bottom of the pot. Since my sister moved back to the area, it has become a tradition that started with my niece, C-. Every pot has tasted absolutely delicious and no two are alike! Try it sometime! (And yes, they are real stones that they dug out of the yard, scrubbed up and use only for that purpose. They are about the size of your palm.)
- Stone soup tomorrow for lunch!

Have a great weekend! Here's to hoping that I can report more income than just one dollar to you! :)


Rach said...

LOL about the stone soup! I've known folks who make "mystery leftover soup" rather the same way. All delicious and wonderful and never the same.

How glad am *I* that Hubs rescued you from the lightning. Jeezy peezy, Girlie! You've gotta look out for yourself! :oP

Here's hoping the yard sale does a little better next time around. $1, huh? :sigh:

Michelle said...

Sorry about the yard sale; hopefully it goes better next weekend and the weather cooperates!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So sorry!! It's a ton of work to do a garage sale. I did 3 weekends and then hauled all the stuff to my mom's house for another 2 days. Made about $300.00 but that was with doing it almost 4 weeks and I made most of it in one day. My mom used to make a ton of money when she had a garage sale, but I've done it twice and made nothing. I've given up. From now on, everything is going to charity.