Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Lipitor,

It appears that I shouldn't have doubted you. I worried about my liver. I worried about the state of my muscles. I worried that you wouldn't work. I worried for nothing. My total cholesterol before you came into my life? 249. My total cholesterol now that we've been together for 6 months? 140.

Amazing. I couldn't do that no matter how hard I tried. My body requires your medical intervention. Believe me, I tried it on my own for three years. Then at 35, I had a medical flash of sorts, making me realize that I could be one of those young, healthy people that drops over dead of a heart attack. Oh, they did the test on me that gives the likelihood that you'll have some type of cardiac event without intervention. The cardiologist's message 3 years ago? You need to take a statin. Thankfully, my good cholesterol has been so good that it has prevented the bad stuff from sticking. I knew that I couldn't rest on that forever, though.

Thank you for taking care of me. Oh, and I don't know if it was you or not, but even though I was nervous about other reasons I was there, my blood pressure was 110/70. It is usually 120/80 and that is relaxed.

Good for you, Lipitor. Go! Go! Lipitor!

With liver intact,


Smiles in my day:
- The load of patio gravel that my dad left behind. Mom called and said "You've been stoned! Happy Birthday." (My birthday isn't for a few weeks yet.) Still, it was something that we needed and my dad could purchase it from work and deliver it here free. Hooray!
- K- is excited for our "Happy Mommy Day." We'll be going to the Wegman exhibit that we missed last week (because of bad behavior) and to Panera to share a bowl of soup. We'll probably scoot onto Target to get a few school supplies on the list (believe it or not, I don't have washable markers) and maybe hit the dollar section just for just. My sister would tell me that is living off the edge.
- The customers today weren't nearly as annoying as yesterday. I do admit that there was a 70 + year old granny that was sporting Daisy Dukes. Bless her heart for being so self confident! At nearly 36, my thighs will remain covered thankyouverymuch.
- The cherry tomatoes are FINALLY beginning to turn. Sweet Pete. I thought it would never happen.


Rach said...

Okay, so I was already to "hooray" the Lipitor and then you mention the old lady in the Daisy Dukes. That completely threw me. ;oP Oh, my. We had a counselor in my old school (downtown) who was 60 if she was a day, and she *insisted* on wearing short skirts (think barely covering the important parts) and high high heels. This wouldn't have been so bad except we were in a primary school where the kiddos were ALWAYS sitting on the floor...Yeah, SO not good. :oP

As for the Lipitor, HOOORAY!! That is the BEST news! As an aside, I had really good blood pressure until I became preeclamptic with Hannah and it never really went back to where it was. I hear ya on the 120/80--that's typically me anymore. :sigh:

Bailey's Leaf said...

You know, the preeclamptic me with Bailey was kind of the same thing. Totally hear you there.

The shorts? At least I didn't have a primary school full of children.

Um, yes. She had heels. She had a tank. Think BRIGHT! pink. Cheeks were hanging. Cellulite was swaying. She was confident, though. God bless her and her fashion choices. She felt good about what she had on and that is what counts when you are 70+, yes?

Oh. my.

Elise said...

Loving the whole blog - great writing - has me hooked ! Thank you