Thursday, August 27, 2009

B-U-S-T-E-D . . .

Daddy is very BUSTED!
He helps K- "clean"
By dumping everything in a box.
He puts a cover on that box and makes it go away.

We sing a lot at home to K-. This one is for my husband.

Folks, my husband has been helping K- to clean up her toys in the basement. He has picked things up throughout the years . . . There were things that I assumed that we no longer owned.

Guess what? I found them today.

What I thought were Rubbermaid totes of Christmas decorations, baby clothes or things of value were really just several tubs of CRAP. My husband would clean something out and deposit it in a tub, he just wouldn't tell me about it.


We've been preparing for a family yard sale today and tomorrow. I've been going through the tonnage of stuff and then I kept running into miscellaneous bins of bits and pieces.

I love my husband. I love that he'll pitch in and help, but creating totes of death is not really helpful. He used to make bags of death for years. He would clear the inevitable pile of paperness from the corner of the table, deposit it into a bag and either put it in my studio (nice) or leave it on the kitchen chair.

It still needs gone through. But then, it falls into the land of "out of sight, out of mind."

So, I was out at my sisters until 10:45 PM pricing garage sale stuff. I'll be hoofing it to school with K- in the morning, walking back, tidying the house a bit (it looks like a bomb hit it since I've been scavenging for things to sell), run out to my sisters to help with the sale, come back, meet up with MIL so that we can test drive her pick up of K- at school, then run back out to my sisters house. I'm exhausted just typing that.

Props to the Hubs:
Y'all know that K- and I walk the 8 blocks to her school. Tis not a big deal, as it has started becoming routine. This morning, it was raining heavily, but no big thing. K- wore her Croc's with her dry socks and shoes in her bag. She had a rain coat and Hubs loaned me his. When we were 2 1/2 blocks from the house, there was a crack of lightning. Argh! We turned back for home and started running. Then, like a Knight in Shining Armor, I saw Hubs rolling around the corner in my car. He rescued us! Thanks Hubs!

Smiles in my day:
- The Principal checking with us today to see how K-'s day was. Truly, the man really cares and eventually remembers each kid in the school. Wow.
- K-'s dental thing was her virus. Hubs and I have been toting with an adult version. I had a sore in my mouth that also hooked up with my ear and made it ache. Then the huge sore on the roof of my mouth ended up making my ear ache and my throat hurt along with it. I noticed that eating on that side of my mouth is tender in the tooth, too. It makes sense. Hubs and I have had the same exact complaints. I'm glad that we didn't have to go with another root canal.
- My niece helping me to price my items. She did a good job!
- My sister shopping through the yard sale items. I told her to remember that the aim is to get rid of, not to collect more of. She told me to shush. :) (Though she knew I was right!)
- Though my house looks slightly ransacked, I seriously am so happy that I've been digging and purging.
- The walk to school is so therapeutic for K-. This morning, she shared with me about how nervous she was for her new class and how much she was going to miss me. She was a little out of sorts, but by the time we reached the school, it had worked out of her system. I think that she needs that bit of time in the morning. In fact, she was sharing with me a story about her friend and cubbie mate, Z-, having a hard time today. Z- was crying that she missed her mom. I asked K- if she hugged Z. "No." Her solution? "Mom, I made faces at her." "Huh?" "I made funny faces at her." "To get her to laugh! What a great idea!" She was able to see that she was okay, Z- would be okay and she was trying to comfort Z- about the same exact thing she was struggling with on the way to school. That walk? Gold to K-. As long as it isn't a typhoon, blizzard or sub-zero, we'll be walking.

Have a great weekend!


An Aquarian Mind said...

Um, well, at least he helps clean. Mine does not clean, not even to hide things. Let me re-phrase that: he's not allowed to clean.

Yay for yard sales. Hope it goes well and that your test run with the MIL is smooth. You'll be exhausted but that's not to say it won't be worth it!

Rach said...

B just shifts piles around. I'm really not sure which is worse...

Hope the yard sale goes VERY well and hooray for awesome principals (i've got one this year and it's amazing what a difference it is!).

Have a wonderful weekend, Amy!

Anonymous said...

I'm a bag/box of death girl. You probably figured that already. Though I admit my problem. Sounds like he needs an intervention.

So sweet about the car rescue, though. I think he made up for the boxes of death.

And very cute with K's idea to make funny faces for her friend. She wanted to make her fix the problem. A lot like her mommy that K is!