Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Hot Dog People

Recipe theme week. Not really a recipe, but a technique. Take ye ole hot dog. Ballpark is best, since they really plump when you cook them. No I don't want to know why. Please don't tell me why. We don't eat that many hot dogs, so they are kind of a rare summer "treat." Cut in all the right parts. Microwave for 45 seconds or so and . . . You have a hot dog person! :) The kids will absolutely love them. They were the highlight of Leland's birth weekend.

Smiles in my day:
- That I'm still my husband's go-to girl. I had his boss' birthday on our calendar. Hubs asked why? I told him that apparently I put it on there last year and transferred it on over. Everyone at work forgot, so I got the panicked "Make a cherry pie!" phone call. The man still needs me- not that he ever let on that he didn't.
- Searching for lightning bugs with K- and her getting so stinkin' excited.
- You know, I appreciate the man I married more and more everyday. We had a discussion at work today about how my one co-workers husband is pretty jealous of her having male friends. She is not permitted to hang around male friends and her husband would have a fit if he thought that she was talking with them on the phone. She admits that she feels the same about him. Hubs and I have never been that way. Most of the folks he works with are women. They've gone out for a bite after work and I don't mind. A friend and his two kids came over a few weeks ago and hung out for a few hours. Hubs didn't mind. I'm glad that we have that kind of relationship. Truly, neither one of us have ever had to worry about the other's faithfulness. That's a good thing.
- The budget deadline for Save Ohio Libraries has been extended. That is a wonderful thing! (They want to cut library funding by 50%, which would result in decreased programming, hours and the total loss of some libraries.)


Rach said...

That is a cute idea. :o)

I'm with you on the husband front. He and I have never had jealousy issues. Do you think it's a trust thing? Hm.

Mom Of Faith said...

We'll be trying this one day when Mommy is far too tired or harried to cook a meal. They are so cute! My girls will love them!

Jamie said...

Too cute!

We're the same now. He used to work with a lot of women and I was always jealous because he spent so much time with them. But then, I guess things changed and it no longer bothered me. Good blog topic, thanks for the inspiration.

Chelsea said...

Okay so I just found your blog and was about to comment on how much I like it. Then I saw this post. I HATE hot dogs and all other tubed meat. This picture almost made me vomit all over my keyboard. GROSS!

I haven't even read the second part of this post because I was too ditracted!

Bailey's Leaf said...

Oh that's okay. The Polish girl in me says, "I'll take your kielbasa!"