Thursday, July 30, 2009

Whatcha Googlin'?

Me! Oh, I almost always find the search results to be hilarious. What shall I share with you today? Let me read.

Organic Beetle- I believe that they are all organic, but it doesn't mean that I like them. We've battled and battled, but they've still eaten my tree. They haven't gotten it quite as bad as last year, but the sunflowers that the birds didn't eat, they did.
How plant leaf works- Photosynthesis, if memory serves.
Do green iguanas eat chives?- I'm sure that they do, but I'm not certain that you want them to. I fed ours 4 big ole cabbage leaves a week or so ago. Let's just say that if he was constip*ated, he isn't anymore.
Walmarts polly pockets- If memory serves, their selection is horrible. But, I'm guessing that this is a search from someone who lives in the south. For some reason that I do not understand, Southerners refer to Walmart as Walmarts. The sign? No 's' on the end. In NE Ohio, we've gone to Walmarts if we have gone to more than one, which I have done in one trip.
Beetle bag full in less than a day- Yes, I feel your pain. I kind of had the same thing happen, but it took us a day and a half. Might I add that dead beetles smell very, very gross.
"Black feet" barefoot kid- Yes, my child occasionally has black feet in the summer.
Free make hair stuff organizer -ribbon- I've made hair bow organizers and I had that I gave for the Bloggy Giveaway, but I'm sorry-- I'm selling them at the gallery.
Hovering cloud- Why yes, one hovers over our house on occasion. If you are asking about the hovering black cloud? Yes, we have that from time to time, too.
Questions on elmers mess free go paint- They'll answer them the second time that you e-mail them. They are so confident in their product that they will replace your defective product with the same exact thing. Ugh with that dry finger paint. Don't buy that stuff. Waste of money.
Starting collard seed in a greenhouse- Not necessary. It is a cold weather crop that will grow nicely.
Parade candy- Are you asking about rain soaked candy that has fallen into the drain groove of the roadway? The same candy that my husband eats and I don't think he recalls where it came from?
Child yells- Yes, mine will do that. Thank you for asking.
"My braces" "our anniversary"- I don't know why I came up. I had braces when I was 12 and I've been married for 12 years.
Submissive wife- I try, but seriously, I'm not a Google roll model of submissive wife.
Georges pudding skins- More people like the pudding skin episode than I thought.
How to keep hair bows from falling apart- It's hard to tell. If it is soft ribbon, you may need to give a whip-stitch to stabilize it.
Is it safer to keep kids in 5 point booster past age 8?- You need to follow the weight specification on your particular booster. Our Britax goes to 80 pounds.
Baileys life span- I'm thinking that you are asking about the life span of bay leaves and not Bailey. I'm not certain about Bay leaves. I'd have to look it up. Spices are about a year, I think.
My shower smells funny after using scrubbing bubble automatic shower cleaner- Yes, it stinks and Rachael would tell you that if you don't rinse afterwards, your shower will be "slicker than snot."
Tumor hair bow- Don't quite know what to tell you. Perhaps try Etsy.
Is pampered chef worth it- Yes.
Exposed them to chicken pox.- Personally, I don't think that it is a wise idea. I know that people used to have and probably still do have Chicken Pox Parties. K- did get Chicken Pox from the vaccine and it was really not a severely dotted case. She suffered a 104 F fever for a week, but the spots were the mildishly moderate category. My brother, however, had a school friend die of Chicken Pox related problems when he was in Kindergarten. An entire class of children had their classmate one week and gone the next. It was sad and I'll never forget it.
Leaf eating beetles plum tree- I feel your pain. I have the same problem. I don't know if you noticed, but they find the plums particularly tasty, too.

Smiles in my day:
-- Apparently a chunk of Grandma's problem is a kidney and bladder infection along with her dehydration. Appears as though Grandma will recover from her funk. She goes to rehab today.
-- We were super busy today. Seriously, people were out spending money. It poured all day long and when that happens, either we're packed or dead.
-- Speaking of pouring, though we don't have the stone for the new patio area yet, I'm glad to report that we have no puddling whatsoever and that Hubs got the slope pitch perfect!


Rach said...

LOL! Isn't it funny what'll get people to your site?

I have to disagree with you on the Walmarts thing. The only people I know who say it actually live in Ohio, lol! I've never known anyone down this way to say that. Go figure. ;o)

And, yes, the Scrubbing Bubbles thing will definitely make your tub slicker than snot. :oP

Bailey's Leaf said...

Ohio should be split into North Ohio and South Ohio. There is a definite line of north and south. It hits south of Canton, which I was surprised to find out is right where the map states that Appalacian region of Ohio starts. I've always known it to be culturally different south of Canton, but the line was much higher than I thought. I truly only though that it was way more south--Hocking Hills and whatnot. More bordering the edge of Ohio. The things you learn on vacation.

Northern Ohio definitely has a different "speak" than Southern Ohio. I know that I tend to annunciate a bit more, but Hubs picks on me about how I say "spoon." Apparently, I really elongate that "oo" sound. But then, he pronounces "milk" as "melk."

I drink "soda or pop", I "phone" people, I go the "grocery", I "launder" clothes and I take "public transport." I also have a "devilstrip" that my Clevelandish husband changed me over to saying "tree lawn." I also speak entirely too fast, which I believe is purely a locale issue. On a regular day I speak fast. You should see me after caffeine!

I laugh because I've read Boo Mama for years and have bounced into some other southern-flavored blogs and Walmarts is a thing they say. Who's kidding who? We all say goofy things, yes?

Jamie said...

I'm betting that when they googled "Bailey's life span" they meant the liquor, not your precious one.

And yes, my Bailey was named after that!

I don't know what Pittsburgheese is for Walmart...but I say "The Walmart" or The Target". Most everyone in my family calls it WallyWorld, though. I have never heard anyone call it walmarts. Seriously!

Rach said...

I often have people asking me if I'm from "up north" because I speak so fast. They are always stunned when I say I'm from VA. Hee! ;o)

You know, I think most of the people I know are like Jamie, we call it WallyWorld. Hm. We all speak English, just variations on it, I guess. :oP

Bailey's Leaf said...

Never thought of Bailey's as the drink. Hee, hee! (So one track mind around here with the name.) Though, people have tried looking up Bailey Leaves and found me, so who knows? :)

Jolanthe said...

Oh my word - tumor hair bow? It never ceases to amaze me what search terms come up. I haven't done one in awhile...I'm thinking I need a good laugh! :)

Thanks for posting the button, by the way!