Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear IKEA,

You sell wonderful stuff. Your Besta Bookshelf is currently residing in my bedroom. In fact, I have been reworking my bedroom and the livingroom bookshelf in celebration of its arrival. However, it would be great if you send along enough hardware for all of the shelves you include. Why you would include 6 shelves in the package, show 6 shelves in your photo, yet specifically only send enough hardware to install 5 shelves (as numbered in your instructions, as well.) It makes no sense. I've now just spent quality time speaking with your Pittsburgh service representatives, trying to get hardware sent out. The first rep wasn't convinced it could be done. She wanted me to stop in. The trip is about an hour and a half. Believe me, it isn't time nor gas efficient to do so. The second one has happily worked on it for me. Oh thank heavens, Carla pulled it through for me. Now in the convenient time frame of 6-10 business days, I'll be able to complete construction of our beautiful bookcase.

Irritatedly so,

Amy from Ohio

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