Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Pampered Chef Small Scoop

I love this scoop. This is the Small Scoop from Pampered Chef. I have my friend, Nora, to thank for my love and immense respect for the Pampered Chef small scoop. I have only used it for cookies, though you could use it for other things. If your cookie recipe says it will make 36 cookies, this scoop will scoop out 36 cookies. It seems to be cookie recipe size standard, so it works for me!

A side note: I've known others to go with off brand scoops and they broke. I have made a seriously huge amount of cookies with this scoop and it shows no sign of stopping. My friend, Julia, would tell you that you get what you pay for. Pricey? Sure. Worth it? Absolutely! You'll have it forever!

Smiles in my day:
- The mayoral recall was defeated. For a man who was voted in by a decent margin, has worked as the mayor of this town for 22 years, a few people got their britches in a bunch and decided to try to toss him out. By about a 75% margin, we proved that we did hire him on purpose.
- K- had much fun with my mom Tuesday. She went there while Hubs' mom went on a casino trip with her friends. - The Nine Plagues room was successful and rather hilarious.
- My neighbor stopped mowing his lawn to come to our door and tell us that our laundry was flying off the fence at him. Oh, he wasn't upset. He thought it was funny, but he did want our clean laundry to remain clean!
- Another laundry line day tomorrow. We had so much rain last week (right, Jamie?) that the outside lines weren't an option. We had to do inside lines.
- K- is having so much fun at VBS. Friends from her preschool class are in her class so she is thrilled beyond words.
- Julia returned to work today. I was glad to see her. Her mom passed away last Monday and she hasn't been in since. I think that being surrounded by something to do and people to distract her from what's missing was helpful.
- Our previous co-worker, Laura, stopped in today. She stayed so long that she shut the place down!


Rach said...

I have found many of the Pampered Chef items are worth the money. I love the ice cream scoop and spatulas/scrapers. I don't have the small scoop but will be purchasing one soon. Thanks! :o)

As an aside, I always LOVED VBS and anxiously looked forward to it every year. I'm so glad K is enjoying it. :o)

Anonymous said...

We also use the small scoop for cookies. I think the "cookie scoop" is too big! But the small scoop works great. (In fact I just blogged about this this morning with some cookies we made last night!)

Hoosier Homemade said...

I love, love, LOVE Pampered Chef! 90% of my kitchen tools are from there. I have blogged about them quite a bit.
Thanks for sharing!

Kirstin said...

I love my scoop also. I've used it to form meatballs and I use it to stuff pasta shells! not to mention muffins.

Julie Bagamary said...

I have the mini muffin pans that I like to use for mini brownies.

Rhonda in OK said...

I have all 3 sizes and they were worth every dime.
I use the small one to fill deviled eggs.
The large one is great for cupcakes and muffins.
and all 3 are great for cookies!

Erica said...

I love the small scoop too. I just rediscovered it though. It was packed away for several years. You think I would have noticed it was missing.

Jamie said...

Don't have that scoop but have a couple PC tools that are awesome. For the most part very worth the extra money for a quality piece.