Monday, June 22, 2009

Spotty Spotterson

I'll be a tad bit spotty this week. I'm working and working Vacation Bible School-- eeek! It's always a terribly busy week. Add to that I forgot that I had been summoned for Jury Duty-- double eek!-- and I have to fax them information + a hardship letter from work. (They don't swing the additional make-up jury duty pay, thus I get out on hardship.) It's always good when you remember. I got the notification a few weeks ago, set it on the microwave to deal with it and remembered it today as I was driving into Pittsburgh. ARGH! [Hand over mouth.] Hubs says, "What?!" "Jury Duty!"

So, I'm in charge of decorating and right now I'm busy putting together the Nine Plagues of Egypt. The kids will get to Pick A Plague! when they come in the door and pin it to Pharaoh when their plague comes up. For the cattle plague, I really wanted the cute legs up cartoon I found, but the director really preferred the live cow. Killjoy.

Nonetheless, I'm buzy buzy backson this week. I'll be in and out. In the meantime, I must remember to bring the Burning Bush recording with me . . .


Rach said...

Oh, wow! You *are* going to be one busy lady!! Hang in there (too bad about the cow, :sigh:) and good luck with that jury duty thing.

Jamie said...

Hang in there. It could be worse. I didn't know what day it was, what day it was or what time of the day it was for three days last week. I even forgot about Father's day. You've still got it together, even when you don't think you do.