Monday, June 29, 2009

My Quoteable Kid

Another post of K-ism's.

Resternot --> Restaurant
Checkmark --> Bookmark
B-nana --> Banana
The 'Cago --> Chicago
The Diarrheas --> Diarrhea
"I have too many hands. I can't even pick up my grapes." --> I have too many things to carry.
Maggie and the Roastest Beast --> A program called Maggie and the Ferocious Beast
"We bumped in togedder." --> I've see you at a place I went. Do you remember?
Jelly-Butter --> Apple Butter
Creature Home --> The place where something belongs.
"I peeled the top off." --> Picked the scab.
A soft pony --> Braided pony straight down the back.
Pigs --> Two pig tails.
Down hair --> Nothing in her hair.
Swish --> Kid mouth wash.
My "bad" shoes --> The Croc's she loves, but falls in.
"Itchy-scratchy, please." --> Scratch my back, please.
"Vulturing" --> Circling the end of the driveway/front yard/front window or door in hopes that her friend E- has come home.

Smiles in my day:

Having some fun in our postage stamp sized lot swimming pool. Looking at the Lions at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Waiting to see if daddy is going to catch a fish with my Mickey Mouse fishing pole. In the meantime, these feathers will keep me entertained. (Hubs' cousin's house. You'll read more below, but his front yard is a pond/swamp. They have to have their driveway reset every year due to erosion.) Rounded the bases and I'm coming home! (This picture was from the family graduation party that we went to a few weeks ago. Hubs' cousin has a full baseball field in his backyard. It is open to the public for games. How neat is that?)

And finally, I did actually watch the news broadcast of this ridiculous story. Apparently they had it on Jimmy Kimmel. Hubs' coworkers were laughing about it and he was surprised that I knew exactly what he was talking about. The cardboard bear, the rubberized poop and fake paw print? Oh, too cheesy for words. Hubs' favorite part is where they "walk" the bear up the tree. (Hi, Hubs!) Enjoy!


Rach said...

OMGoodness! That news report was absolutely ridiculous! How would you like to be the guy bounding the bear through the forest? hee hee! ;oP

The K-isms are great! Lil spent Friday evening referring to Busch Gardens as "kindergarten", lol. I sometimes think kid-isms are one way we're compensated for dealing with such strong little personalities. :oP

Bailey's Leaf said...

And again I say amen! :) (To both points, actually!)

GERBEN said...

I just LOVE the way our kids talk and the things they do! I think it helps to keep us young! I know if nothing else, it keeps me laughing!

Michelle said...

oh those were cute quotes! she'll look back one day and get a chuckle out of that!