Saturday, June 27, 2009

I feel a little heartless.

Michael Jackson died. I'm sorry for his kids. I'm sorry for his family. It's difficult losing someone you love, particularly when this was completely unexpected. All this hoopla, though? I don't get it. I mean, I understand that he was a wonder from a relatively young age. His life? Kind of shouldn't be put on a pedestal. He did questionable and bizarre things that frankly, I just don't get all the sobbing. His face was no longer originally his. That, too, I found flat out frightening to look at. By all the crying, moonwalking, tributes and programs on TV dedicated to him and his life, you would have thought he was royalty. Truly, he was just a very odd man who intrigued people by having them wonder what he would do next. (Much like Prince or the sign that he adopted or whatever name he has chosen to go by these days.)

Is it just me?


Rach said...

Do you not feel a little sorry for Farrah Fawcett's family and friends through all this?

When I said on my blog I was shocked MJ had died, well, I was. He was so strange and weird and creepy to look at, but I guess I assumed he'd be around for quite some time. Farrah and Ed McMahon weren't so much because they were so very ill and old respectively.

But, the MJ hoopla I'm not getting. He was very talented and very cool in his hey day, oh, about 25 years ago, but in the past three-10 years he's just been bizarre.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Amen sister. And yes, I do feel very badly for Farrah's family. Even Ed. Farrah made people aware of her health crisis even though it was something that people would have preferred to keep behind closed doors. Perhaps with Farrah, we knew that she was ill and that her condition was grave. Maybe we mourned her death prior to it physically happening?

It is kind of like the situation when Princess Diana and Mother Theresa died at about the same time. I loved both equally as well, as I would have loved to meet either one of them in person. However, Mother Theresa got overshadowed, understandably so, by Princess Diana's death. Mother Theresa lived a quite, somewhat paparazzi-free life. Diana was a victim of the paparazzi until the very end.

Michael made choices for his life that is safe to say that I disagree(d) with. Again, my sympathies to the families involved but all of the over dramatic tributes and whatnot? Well, they make me shake my head.

And yes. I agree wholeheartedly. I thought that the 80's were wonderful to Michael. The video where everyone's faces morph into someone else? Very cool. However, that was then and this is now.

Anonymous said...

Okay, have to put in two cents. He may seem "yesterday" to many in the states because today's celebs are just that: celebs for TODAY. iPod, as much as I love it, has all but killed enduring pop stars. No one has to make a whole genius album anymore. Just make a one hit wonder, sell some mediocre, forgetable songs, and viola, instant (temporary) pop star. Seriously, do you think "poker face" is going to be remembered in a few years? God, I hope not. Anyway...I am digressing...MJ just sold out 50 concerts in the UK. At 50. Not too shabby in this day and age. The hoopla is because he very well may be, like it or not, the most famous person on the planet. My opinion of him personally? I think he was a very sad, very damaged man due to his childhood, who was a musical talent beyond anything we may ever see again. It makes a great media story because its shocking. The King of Pop, a legend in his own time, gone at a young age...right before he made a comeback.

--your friend, ak

Bailey's Leaf said...

Hee hee! I think that I know who you are! Glad to have your comment. You know I always am!

You are right. As much as I don't like MJ now, I did like him as a kid and yes-- instant anything has made artists be able to crank out one good tune on a whole album and make a ton. Argh.

Points well taken. Well taken, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you know who I am. :) And look what i found right after I wrote my comment:

Ed, Farrah, MJ...and now Billy Mays? Sheesh.

Michelle said...

You're not the only one - I commented to my hubby as we were on messenger that I just didn't get all these people/fans who were just sobbing their eyes out...I mean, yes it was a death and it was very sudden so it is shocking and sad, but it's not like they knew him personally. And all of this coverage seems a bit over the top. I read that the House of Rep. had a moment of silence! A moment of silence! Did they do that for Farrah? or Ed?

Bailey's Leaf said...

I just read the story on Billy Mays. Hubs came home and gave me the scoop.

So sad. I'll never look at Oxi Clean the same way again.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I think it was like when Elvis died. They are remembering the star and the music not the actual man behind all of this. It's sad because I think someone should have tried to step in and help him instead of enabling him. I hope the fact that he had so many problems doesn't get lost in all the hoopla. And if he did die of an overdose or a bad drug combo I hope it gets lots of attention and that these people can learn something from it.
I was 12 when Thriller came out and I loved that album. I don't remember there being that much hype and excitement about an album ever since then. It really was great.
He could have done so much more, but there was something so odd behind him that just left us not wanting more.
I feel badly for the children.

Jamie said...

I have mixed feelings on celeb death. On one hand, they were human beings with feelings, souls & people who loved them. But at the same time, some of them do the weirdest things to get attention and I can't feel bad for that. If they abused drugs or lead a dangerous lifestyle, I believe they made poor choices that put them in to bad situations and I don't feel bad for untimely death.

My 1st record was MJ so that is kind of a memory for me. I wasn't a huge fan of him past the early 90s.

I wasn't old enough to remember FF being a big star but I do feel bad that she got cancer and died...but she was old enough to have lived a full live. Same with Ed.

Billy Mays is from Pgh and my hubby knew him... so that is kind of a hometown shock. Somewhere I have a picture of them together. His death wasn't his fault, so I def feel bad for his family.

No matter who it is - some tv channel or radio station will make a big deal out of it because of ratings. We may not agree with all of the tributes and specials, but America will watch and the media outlets know this.