Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A hovering cloud of loss.

No Tales this week. Instead, I'm giving some love to folks in my life who have lost loved ones this week. Unfortunately, there are several.

Shirley, the person who ran the church food cupboard, died last Tuesday from Pancreatic Cancer. Shirley was a wonderfully caring person. She had a heart for serving and the food cupboard was her calling. The poor and needy were here people and she treated all who came through the doors of the cupboard with respect. Her calling hours are this evening.

April, my best friend in the whole wide world (and since were were 9), lost her dad early Monday morning. We've grown up like sisters. Sure, in our adult life there have been spans of months that we haven't been able to speak (not as much anymore, but a while ago), but we always pick up right where we left off. April's dad had been moved into Hospice last week after continued suffering with congestive heart failure. The family was told that he had weeks to months to live. She got the call at 3:30 AM that he was gone. I got the call at about 7 AM. My heart goes out to her. She was a later in life baby, so her dad was older. He would have been 80 in September. Memorial services for her dad are on Friday night.

Julia, my co-worker and partner in crime, lost her mom Monday morning. This was pretty unexpected, as her mom had a TIA a few weeks ago, was home recuperating in anticipation of having aortic valve replacement shortly. I spoke with Julia Monday morning and she said that her mom said that she was feeling better. Julia was another later in life baby and her mom was in her mid-70's. She had some hiccups with her heart previously, but this truly came as a surprise to her family. As with April, I can't imagine being in my mid 30's and having lost a parent. My heart goes out to these girls in ways I probably can't fully express. (Rachael, I know that you have gone through this.)

Carol, a co-worker at our adjacent store, lost her husband this past Thursday. Apparently, her husband was quite a leader in neurology and was well known in the medical community. He was quite an accomplished and respected doctor that will be missed by family, friends, colleagues and patients. Though I really only know Carol in passing (she works during our busy season), my heart goes out to her in the loss of her life long partner and friend.

Smiles in my day:
(Remember that I write these the night before.)
1. The kids that were put on duty to dispose of the baby diaper from their sibling. It was so funny. Turns out it was pee only, but the poor kids were hilarious. I thanked them for bringing it in to me. I was so glad it wasn't deposited in the parking lot!
2. I have red Asiatic lilies blooming!
3. Hubs mowed the lawn even though he was tuckered. Thanks honey!
4. We've been walking every evening, even if it is just the "long loop," we're able to spend time together and discuss how when we were both down with different illness', stuck watching far too much TV, we watched infomercials, love the Workx GT and both really want one.
5. The lavender is in full bloom.
6. The bunnies that have decided to take up permanent residence in our yard since the back is full of yummy white clover.
7. Hubs and K- were able to go fishing Monday with our little boat and caught 2 fish.
8. Hanging laundry outside. I just love it. (Minus bugs and bird poop, of course.)
9. The fact that our neighbor is so thoughtful. He will either push his motorcycle to the end of his driveway, then start it in the AM or if rolling in at night, he'll shut it off on the road and coast down the drive and into his garage. Why does he do this? K-'s window is on that side of the house and his driveway is 6 feet from her window.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I'm sorry for so many losses this week. Very sad. My prayers go out to your friends.

Rach said...

I'm so dreadfully sorry for all the losses. My prayers for those who have lost loved ones.

Your smiles list made *me* smile. :o)

Rock tumbler, huh? It was a sweet thought. :oP

GERBEN said...

I am so very sorry dear. ((hug)) My thoughts and prayers go out to you and the one's who have lost loved ones.

But with your smiles, I love the neighbor one. What a wonderful guy and so thoughtful!

Jamie said...

My sympathies go out to all of the family members / friends affected by loss.

Glad that you can still "smile" in the midst of all of the sorrows.

Michelle said...

wow you do know quite a few people who have lost loved ones :( THose families are in my prayers.