Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Summertime Kid Refreshment Ideas

K-'s last day of preschool was yesterday, but today we are at the end of the year zoo trip. That got me to thinking. Summer. Ahhh. So, I have some healthy eating cheats that we use in our house.

1. "Juice" --> Slice a washed lemon into wedges, freeze on a cookie sheet then plunk into a lidded plastic container. Put in a sippy with water and voila! It's cold, flavored and way better than alternatives of pop, standard juice or kool aid.
2. "Yogurt popscicles" --> Buy the 32 pack of Gogurt at Sam's for $7.48, place entire box in freezer, nip end when one is needed and enjoy.
3. Frozen vegetables --> A quick snack of frozen peas or corn hit the spot with K-. When she was a baby, we didn't have central air and our house could heat up to 93 F or better. To try to cool the interior of her hot baby body, I started giving her frozen veggies. She loved them! She still loves them now!
4. Short cut carrots --> A little more expensive than the standard carrots, but out of convenience I will buy these to have something healthy on hand. She eats them straight up with no dip.
5. Pretzel sticks and low fat sour cream --> A favorite snack. She knows where the "sticks" are and the sour cream. She loves this snack so much, I can almost catch her having a conversation with the container.
6. Tomatoes from the vine --> I plant the tomatoes close enough to the little garden fence so that K- and her friends can reach in and help themselves. Often parents will ask, "What is my child eating?" Oh, they're just eating tomatoes (paste or cherry.)
7. Fresh collards --> Yes, the kids love to pick collard greens from the garden and snack on those. I've tried them. I kind of find them gross, but if it takes the kids where they need to go . . .

We always have Goldfish crackers, grapes and washed whole apples on hand. All other snack items are subject to change.

The little neighbor girl always comes over and is magically hungry when she gets to our house. I think that she likes the snacks! Her mom said that she eats things over here that they can't get her to eat. She's amazed! She tells me that she doesn't know how I do it. I do nothing. I just put a pick-plate out for K- and E- to share. Maybe since K- is making healthy food choices, E- wants to, too.

Happy snacking!


Rach said...

Oo, I like that lemon wedges idea! I'm going to try it. :o) Nothing is more refreshing than citrus in the heat of summer. :o)

Lil LOVES frozen veggies, "toenadoes" (I fear for my garden once they start coming in :oP), baby carrots and pretzel sticks. We're certainly on the same page with those! :o)

I hadn't thought about the frozen yogurts but will do so now. Thanks! :o)

Kaycee said...

Great ideas. I'm bookmarking this one.

pucktricks said...

Great ideas, I love the freezing Gogurt one. I hadn't thought of that.

pucktricks said...

Oh, and I just thought that would be perfect for taking on a picnic, if it melts it's still great for eating!

Jamie said...

I love the lemon juice idea. I just know my kids would be dumping cups of sugar into their cups while I wasn't looking. Though, they do love to eat lemons.

My kids will eat anything with sour cream, including it - by itself if I'd let them. Will have to try it with pretzels.

Great ideas!

Jenny said...

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