Friday, May 22, 2009

The weekend that lies ahead

We will be busy, busy this weekend. I'll be out 'til Tuesday, but with good reason. Look!

-Trip to the nursery with my mother-in-law so that we can spend our Mother's Day gift certificates on BEAUTIFUL flowers.
-Check in with my aunt to see if she really does want me to take her and my 91 year old grandmother to visit the cemetery.
- Weed flower beds.
- Plant newly purchased flowers.
- Hit the grocery.
- Prepare dinner.
- Watch friend's son so that her husband can attend another son's preschool graduation since she is playing violin at a wedding. She feels horrible she isn't able to attend, but they moved the night of the graduation AFTER she booked the wedding.

- Lowe's Build and Grow Workshop.
- Go to my sister's to celebrate my nieces 8th birthday.
- Go home, get a bath and change for a wedding.
- Go to wedding with K-, then race to my in-law's house 20 minutes away to drop K- off so that I can attend the reception stag since Hubs has to work.

- Church (hopefully a good sermon)
- Have a nice lunch together.
- Plant garden. Hubs is solarizing it for me right now. Though it says to do it for 4-6 weeks, we've done it for a week or two in the past and have had wonderful results. Hubs had purchased a sprinkle can of wildflower seeds for me one year and we did an "experimental bed." It was experimental all right. It was filled with ragweed and neither K- or I could breathe when we were in the back yard. Once Hubs discovered it, he sent us in, had us shut the doors, donned a dust mask and pulled it all. We then solarized the bed for 2 weeks. It didn't kill the perennials we had, but it did kill all of the ragweed. Hooray!

- Hit the thrift store for the sale. It is 50 cent Monday (the tag color of the day is 50 cents), there is the 1/2 price tag of the day AND! 20% off the whole sale on top of that! Cheap stuff for even CHEAPER! Sign me up!!!
- Prepare lunch.
- Take said lunch out on the boat with us. Hubs has had a 14' aluminum row boat since he has been 16 years old. He purchased it himself and towed it with a Bobcat (that overheated because of it, of course.) I haven't been out on the boat in a few years. In the evenings after work, I used to prepare dinner for us and we would go on "dinner cruises." We haven't done that in quite some time. I do kind of miss it.

So, I'll see you on Tuesday. Oh, I'll pop in, I just won't be taking the time to post. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Rach said...

And I thought *I* had a busy weekend ahead of me. Wow! Enjoy your time in the garden. I can't wait to see your bargains from Monday! :o)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Busy but fun!
We have:
Thomas tonight - someone at hubs work gave us free tickets (which is good cause otherwise we weren't going.Thank you stinky pay cut).
Yard work, flowing planting, gardening, repainting of patio furniture (sat.), church, older boy walking in Blossom parade (sun.), older boy walking in Memorial parade, more yard work weather permitting (mon.)
Enjoy your busy weekend and tell MIL and FIL I said hello and send my love :)

Jamie said...

Sounds like all fun stuff! Have a great time planting and out on the water.

We're putting up a 6 foot privacy fence in the back of our yard. We might get the posts put in, depending on how difficult that proves to be.
We were invited to a friends to go slip n sliding but we have to see how much we get done on the fence. At some point I want to get my Canna's in the ground. They are already sprouting in the peat moss.