Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reality TV, you were mean to me this week.

The beginning of the week started with Celebrity Apprentice. I'm not impressed with Joan or Annie, but watched to see how it all unfolded. Joan won, though I thought it was weird since Annie actually raised far more money. Just sayin'.

Tuesday brought the Biggest Loser. I was painting the VBS street sign (a post all and of itself), but got home at 10:30 PM, in time enough to watch the end. Helen won, but I really wanted Mike or Tara to win. I really felt bad for Tara because she didn't get any fanfare for her weight loss of 155 pounds. It all went to Helen. Mike lost 207 pounds. God bless him! Helen lost 140, did well, but I'm thinking that she looks a hair too thin now. Maybe that is just me.

Wednesday brought America's Next Top Model. I wanted Allison and her bug eyes to win, but Teyona did instead. I think that Allison pulled it out and did beautifully in the show, far better than anyone would have expected. Teyona did beautifully as well, but I was hoping for Allison.

Then we have tonight. Hell's Kitchen. I wanted Paula to win, but Danny did. They are both very good at what they do. Danny needs a bit of polishing for a high end restaurant. Quite an accomplishment for a 23 year old. I'm sure that someone will happily scoop Paula up and she will be gainfully employed soon.

So, I lost all the way around. People won though. My congratulations to them!


Jamie said...

I was totally rooting for Tara, too. I was sad she didn't win, but she did win some money and the kitchen, so not a out and out disappointment. Wasn't crazy about Mike (or his dad).

You know how I feel about CA

I don't watch the other shows, but I did occasionally catch HK, and I was hoping the girl would win. The guy was cocky and arrogant, I thought.

Bailey's Leaf said...

Yes, he was a bit full of himself wasn't he?

Mike and his dad were okay in the beginning, but he got a little big for his britches (no pun intended), too. Then his dad was "Vote for my son, vote for my son." Mike was, "I am going to be the next Biggest Loser." Pretty arrogant considering the company he was in. (Yes, I had Top Gun running through my mind when I typed that.)