Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Quotable Kid

We received a new journal-type book this week at work. I thought I would list down here some past and current K-ism's.

"What's my help?" --> What can I help with?
"Packacheese, please!" --> Privacy, please.*
"Bilk" --> Milk*
"Toasty cheese" --> Toasted cheese sandwich
"Puddle jumpers" --> Tevas or water sandals.
"Snackiedoodles" --> Snacks.
"Yogurt popscicles" --> Frozen gogurt.
"Horsey hair" --> A big pony tail.
"Hard pants" --> Jeans.
"Soft pants" --> Leggings.
"Lollipop walk." --> Walking to the fence at the end of our dead end street. (Older folks near the end of the street used to give K- treats all the time. Then, like a dog, they had her conditioned and then they got mad when she would stop on their sidewalk wanting to wait for a treat. Their typical treat? Dum-dums.)
"Clone Wars." --> Any Star Wars movies or paraphernalia associated with.
"Magwicks" --> Magnets*
"Polly's" --> Polly Pockets
"I'm going for a treasure hunt." --> Digging in the driveway gravel.
"Lip goo" --> Chapstick.
"Nose medicine" --> Zyrtec or Claritin.
"Sick crackers" --> Saltines
"Soup with a hole" --> Campbell's Soup at Hand
"Ba-ba boom" --> Leap Pad (There is a character in the one book that sings, "Ba-ba-ba boom.)

*Long ago and far away, K- retired these.


Rach said...

Don't you just LOVE kid-speak?? This made me smile this morning. :o)

Jamie said...

So cute!

Gosh, my kids hardly use any cute terms anymore. They're so grown up, lol.

Michelle said...

You're going to love having this for when she is older!