Friday, May 29, 2009

My accomplishment for the day.

We went from one hand-me-down computer desk (from my in-law's.) To another. This one was gifted to us by our hand-me-down neighbor, Mike. The new desk didn't fit in the corner where the old one was, but that gives us the opportunity to buy a beautiful bookcase from the nice Amish folks so that we can ditch my funky wicker "hopeless" chest from college.

What did I learn in this adventure?
- Dust is attracted to electronic things.
- I can unplug the computer, move the components around and put all of the plugs back in the right place.
- The keyboard doesn't like to be unplugged, so the main shut off on the back of the computer needs hit to reset it.
- We have one big ole honkin' tower. I think that thing has grown since we got it.
- We really do need a new chair. That's on the list, too. Perhaps I can score one from a yard sale.
- I'm tired.

This is post number two today. If you didn't get to read my earlier rant, just feel free to keep scrolling down.

Have a great weekend! See you again on Monday!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

OMGosh, the beast was a huge honkin tower, too! It didn't fit in any of the desks we had.

The new desk is very nice!

And the hopeless chest... so weird that I pulled one that looks like yours out of the trash a couple years ago with the intent of repairing loose pieces and painting. It ended up on Freecycle.

I'm inheriting my parents old funky desk and their 300 ton HP this week. It's for the girls. I don't have a clue where I'm going to put it.

I need a new chair. Actually I need three.

Have a great weekend!