Monday, May 11, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

K- decided after all of our running on Thursday that she wanted to take a nap. She wanted to take it in the backyard. She wanted the hammock. How could I say no to a child that wanted to nap in nature?

On Friday, we had to take a trip to the thrift store. I had a coupon ($5.00 off $10.00) You see, I tried little girl's shorts on her and almost all of them didn't fit! Never fear! The thrift store provided! And all of this was only $7.35! (Land's End, Ralph Lauren and a couple of Gymboree things are in there, too!)We visited with my grandmother, then shuttled on over to church to work on some Vacation Bible School stuff. I needed to put a donation board up, so I tracked down the director, found the list of needs out from her, made some grab tags for the board and put it all up.

Saturday was a mish-mosh of stuff. Hubs had to be up and out early, as he was going on a work trip to Magee Marsh for the annual Migratory Bird Festival. It was Lowe's Day for us. We scooped my brother and nephew up and hauled them with us. We built a little planter and they gave the kids pansies and dirt to fill them up. We ran back by my brother's house to drop them off, then trotted off to church for the All Daughter's Lunch. My friend, Kim, was in charge of the lunch and everything was wonderful. We had pasta, salad and her pastry chef friend made cheesecake. YUM! Kim saved us a spot at her table and I soon found out why. She ran past me and said, "Oh yeah, I have you reading a poem." Pardon? "Yeah, I have you reading a poem. It's at your place." Crap. I can talk in front of crowds, but to read in front of a crowd of people is a different thing. I don't know. My eyes get a little crossed and eek! I feel like I'm in first grade and learning to read! I'm happy to say that it all turned out okay. K- even sang our P for Patience song to the ladies. I hooked her by letting her sing into the microphone! :)

After the lunch, we went on home. I had laundered some clothes in the AM and with the wind we were having, I figured that it would be a great drier. (We were under a high wind warning.) K- went out the front door, checked the mail and there wasn't any. She had cruised through and was in the kitchen when I heard a "wham!" Ugh. The front door flew open and was slamming against the house. Once K- told me that Smudge (the cat) was downstairs, I pulled the screen door closed. It wouldn't stay shut, though. I looked down and found out that the door closer thing had pulled out of the frame of the door, ripping the wood out with it. How the heck did that happen? We have a wind chain. Ah, yes. We USED to have a wind chain. The wind was so high that it sucked the door open with such a force that it broke the wind chain and slammed the door against our outside light. The outside light? It swings in the wind now. (Hubs picked them out. I really didn't like them that much anyhow, so I'm okay with buying a new one for the front. Now I'm extra picky and have gone to 5 stores shopping to look. I'm still on the hunt.) Sunday brought us a lovely morning. We decided to go to church and skip Sunday School. K- did have a bit of an attitude when she found out that her class was delayed so that some of the kids could sing for church. She was a miffy little miss, but she wore through that after about 15 minutes. But do you want to know what my pastor decided to preach on? We've been going through the Sermon on the Mount and today was a sermon on adul*try, prov*ocative dress with a touch of castra*tion. The sermon was entitled, "Gouged Eye, Severed Hand." What a beautiful topic for Mother's Day. I'm writing this Sunday night and admit that he is next on my list to e-mail. Oh, it was inappropriate. Yikes.
However, after the funky sermon (ick), we went home for some lunch, then off to Mill Creek Park in Youngstown to enjoy Fellows Riverside Gardens. We saw all kinds of flowers in bloom and my girl was running through doing the Little Fairy on the House run.After visiting the park, we cruised to see both grandmothers. We had dessert with my mom and dinner with Hubs' mom-- in that order! :) When we came home, guess what we found? We had babies! Two of them, actually! Okay, so this second photo is blurry, but I had to put the second baby in there. Don't worry. Mama Bird was close by watching. She knows us and knows that we aren't going to harm her babies. We had a nice weekend. We hope that you did, too!


Rach said...

Well crud, three of the bottom pictures aren't loading for me. I'll have to try again later. :o(

The Nia Vardalos article you posted brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. :o)

I can't believe your minister had such a sermon and on Mother's Day no less. Ugh!

I'm also bummed about your door and light--that was some CRAZY wind, huh? Wow!

The floral-y pink tank in the photo is the same one Han had (she also had it in blue) and wore it incessantly she loved it so much. It made me smile seeing it there. And, congrats on the fantastic bargains you found! :o)

Happy belated Mother's Day! It sounds as if it was all (well, except maybe that sermon--ick!) was wonderful. :o)

Rach said...

Hm, seems the photo viewing issue is a product of my school's web blocking. Niiiiiice. I've never had this problem before and find it quite frustrating. Grrr. I'll check out the photos when I get home. :o)

Jamie said...

Great thrift store finds. You did awesome!

Stinks about your door and the light. Porch lights are not cheap so hoping you find one you like and that it's a good deal. We bought both of ours at Lowes...the above the garage one was $70 and the front porch one was $50. But I really like them and I'm sure we used coupons.

Love the hammock sleeping pic... she looks so innocent and content.

Kaycee said...

That is an interesting topic for Mother's Day. Maybe there are some mothers in the congregation that needed to hear the message, LOL.

I love a good thrift store, you found some bargains!

Michelle said...

I'd love to take a nap in a hammock! Wow you sure did score at the thrift store! I need to find where a good one is around here. and look at those baby birds - great shots!

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