Friday, May 15, 2009

Hello, Baby Pine Cone

Baby Pine Cone,

It appears as though you may be making your debut today. You've been knocking on the interior of your mommy's cozy habitat today with some pretty decently timed cramping. Well it's not you really, but your mommy's body deciding to kick you out since it seems that you weren't willing to go on your own. We think that you were holding onto the interior of your creature home with both your hands and your feet.

What are you, Baby Pine Cone? Are you a baby girl or a baby boy as most think that you are? Oop! Grandma Linda has just phoned and changed her mind. She thinks that you are a girl. (Basically, I've thought most of the time that you were, but the past few days I've really felt that you were a girl.) Whatever you are, our prayers are that you are happy and healthy. Come out quickly. Don't make your mama wait on you much longer. Be easy on that labor stuff, too. Your mommy doesn't want to be puking when she has you like she did with the girls. Oh, but do please make sure that she makes it to the hospital. That would be nifty.

I love you!

Aunt Amy


Rach said...

Oh, HOORAY! Come on out Baby Pine Cone! :o) (It seems this one is just stubborn enough to be a girl. ;oP)

Jamie said...

I hope you will share newborn pix! I just love fresh babies. Wishing your sister lots of good thoughts and hope that Baby Pine Cone arrives safe and healthy!