Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tales from the Trenches: Phones in the bathroom

Hi. I'll flat out admit something. I don't like to have people hear me pee or *um* otherwise in public. People being on the phone in the bathroom chatting to God knows who DRIVES ME INSANE! Since when did it become acceptable to talk on the cell phone no matter where you go, or *go*? On one of our trips to Amish Country, K- needed to use the bathroom. We went, got ourselves underway and a woman came in and ended up chatting it up with someone on the phone about things that were really not that important that they couldn't wait a few. A gentleman came into work the other day. He needed the restroom and I directed him. It's a small place with a small house-type bathroom. It is not insulated and I could hear him accepting a call and talking away as he was taking care of business. YUCK! My co-worker said that she'll talk on the phone in the public restrooms, too. I told her that people like her drove me crazy. (We can be honest with each other and not offend, don't worry.)

So what is your opinion about public bathroom cell phone usage? Are you as grossed out as me, or sympathetic?


trpultra said...

Oh my goodness! Such a pet peeve of mine. My daughter does this constantly and it just makes me crazy.... I would never do this and to make the point I always turn my phone off before before I use any facilities! Some things need to just be 'private'!

Okay....I'll get off my soap box now. :-)

Rach said...

Um, ew.

I don't want anyone hearing me do my *thing*, nor do I want to hear private calls in a public place. Sheesh.

Michelle said...

I don't like it either! Just recently I came out of the bathroom and told my mom "I don't understand people who talk on their phones while they're going to the bathroom!" LOL One time I had to take Kayla and someone started talking on their phone. Kayla just says whatever and she started asking me "mommy what's that? hello? uh huh...yeah...ok" like she was talking back to them :)