Saturday, April 18, 2009

Picture This!

As the hum of summer hangs overhead, things are growing!
The purple plum is getting ready to burst its little buds soon! The little grape hyacinths have bloomed. Their greens were nipped brown by the frosty snow last week, though.Some blooming little weeds I found.
Little Wild Violas were blooming underneath K-'s slide.
Some more blooming little weeds. Hey, it was a long winter and in Ohio, we'll get whatever blooming we can get!
If memory serves, this is myrtle. Or vinca. I think it is myrtle, though. Nope. Myrtle is Vinca and Vinca is Periwinkle. Apparently, it is all the same thing. Good to know! A view from outside the garden window. The tomatoes are basking in the toasty window. Those roots are growing and growing. That's another reason why I love to use these translucent cups. I'm able to check in to see the root development. K- was busy outside. She was playing with gravel right outside the door, looking for neat rocks and fossils and I was at the table clipping coupons. I could see and hear her. She had gone to the backyard and was swinging, or at least I thought. Nah. She decided to fill her sandbox with gravel. Yes, we are busy sifting all that back out. Either that or we can put a sign on the gate that says "K-'s Sand and Gravel Pit." Lovely.

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