Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lovin' on Clark's

Once upon a time, I had a trip to take to Boston. K- was 2 at the time, we were going to be shuttling in and out of airports, one of which was Logan. Now, Logan Airport is unfortunately famous for having been the take off point of the 9/11 hijackers and right before we left on our trip, they were busted for someone having come up the steps from the tarmac and right into the airport. So not good. So, I knew that they (the Logan Airport security people) would be finicky about security and the whole shoe thing. I also knew that taking shoes on and off at the airport with a fidgety 2 year old was going to be a little dicey. I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy a pair of flip flops. Prior to, I was not at all a flip flop wearer. Seriously, I thought of them not as footwear, but shower shoes.

Then I fell in love. I bought these:

I have so much love for these flip flops. They have a fabric thingy between your toes, a substantial sole and an arch! I've had mine now for 3 years, keep them mink oiled and they are as comfortable as the day I bought them. I'm always relieved when I see that they haven't discontinued them. In fact, I've thought that I should buy an extra pair and put them up. I'll be lost without my Clark's flip flops when they die one day. Oh, but don't think that is anytime soon! There are thousands of more miles left on my current flip flops.

I've had the itch to buy a pair of shoes lately. A couple of years ago, I purchased a pair of Skechers (black, but not patent leather like in the picture) and found them so darned uncomfortable that they've just sat in my closet. Work is a closed toe shoe work environment only. Apparently, someone dropped something on their foot once that required stitches. So, I wear a lot of Birkenstocks. Birks look good with pants, but they can look a little hunky-clunky with my little dresses.

So K- and I were out today with my long time best friend, April. We almost always take a trip to DSW to try on far too many shoes. We even try the ones on that we know we would never buy. Then I found these: I wear little summer dresses to work. These qualify as legal footwear, they are comfy and my guess would be comfy enough to stand in for 8 hours and they are cute! I bought them online, rather than in the store, because I knew that I had a $10.00 off $50.00 purchase e-mail from DSW and found that when I went to order, they also had free shipping on $29.00 and up. We've ordered Hubs' running shoes through several times and were very happy with their service.

Hooray for a kicky new pair of shoes! Hooray that I found something that I like and I actually bought them. I always feel bad about spending money on myself and since my ACL reconstruction, I can't wear cheapie shoes anymore. But! I can't wait for these to arrive! :) Eeeee!


Shawna said...

I have the exact same Clarks flipflops, in both brown and black. I can't get through the summer without them!

Jamie said...

I can't wear most flip flops either - because I can't stand anything in between my toes. I like the Teva mushes that have several straps on the top rather than the flip flop style but I have yet to buy them because that have that toe thing and I'm scared it will hurt. I loathe Sketchers because of their lack of support and I find them ugly. I like those brown strappy ones, what brand are they?

Bailey's Leaf said...

They are Privo Spangles (by Clark's.) They were delightfully comfortable.

I hate Skechers for the same reason.

Re: Flip Flops. I have tried the Teva Mushes and would love to have a pair. Since I already have the Clark's and a limited amount of funds, I chose to stick with those and get myself a pair of much needed, kind of cuter work shoes.

Angie said...

Oh my goodness! Those are super duper cute! I may have to look into shoes like that.