Sunday, April 5, 2009

K-'s Annual Bamily Easter Egg Hunt

No, it isn't a typo. My child replaces her "f" sound with "b." She has always done that and the title has just kind of stuck.

Anyway. K-'s siblings are coming over today! They are! We are having the annual Easter Egg hunt. I filled the eggs, and admit that it took me about 3 hours to do. There are 375 of them. I counted. So what's in them? Oh, things I've picked up over the last few months. Little kaleidoscopes, bouncy balls, stickers, tattoos, rings, maze games, pop-up flowers, rings with lip gloss in them, hair ties, army men, sets of jacks, spinny tops, erasers, little pastel colored binder clips, Sixlets (a favorite of mine!), Sponge Bob Easter crabby patties, gum balls (individually wrapped), Starburst, and Cry Baby Sour Gum Balls.

We all get together, have a good hunt (but they always miss some, so I usually find them through August!), go in and shell the eggs for loot (yes, I save the eggs and reuse them), then have a nice lunch together. What am I making? My Sweet Kielbasa Chili. I picked the ingredients up for it on Friday, have pre-cooked some things and have it cooking now. It's good stuff. Since I end up making a vat of it (or at least my largest crockpot full), I really need to make it for a lot of people. I can't eat that much of it on my own in just a few days time. My heartburn alone would beg to differ. Besides, Hubs can't eat it. So sad. He'll have a soy burger.

We'll be watching the movie "Easter Bunny is Coming To Town," as well as decorating their own cupcakes and having a bunny building Play Doh contest.

So, think of me on Sunday afternoon as I have 5 extra kids with their egg collecting buckets excitedly descending upon our home. Remember, I'm used to only one.

It'll be so much fun. We can't wait! K- has been jumping up and down for days in eager anticipation. She loves her BAMILY!

** I forgot to add-- family you ask? K- has a sibling relationship with 3 of her older siblings. J- is 9, L- is 7 and D- is 6. We consider the sibs of J-, L- and D- siblings as well, so we have R- who is 9- and Z- who I believe is 8. Yes, the branches on K-'s family tree definitely branch out a little farther than the general most, but we're good with that! :)

Day 16: Love intercedes. Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. -- 3 John 2

Begin praying today for your spouse's heart. Pray for three specific areas where you desire for God to work in your spouse's life and in your marriage.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Have fun today!! Sounds like a blast. Sorry about yesterdays yuck at the shower. The joy of having kids;)

Rach said...

How blessed to have such a wonderful extended "bamily". :o)

I'm just catching up here. It was a crazy busy weekend in our neck of the woods...

Michelle said...

375 eggs?!?! Are you crazy lady! LOL Wow that's A LOT of hidden eggs :) I think it's great that you have K's siblings over for a big egg hunt; what memories they are creating!