Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Cautionary Line Drying Tale

Yes, this is a second post for today. There is a nice, long photo post below. Don't forget to read it. But, here is my cautionary tale.

When you line dry your clothes, give them a shake. When my daughter got dressed this morning, she told me there was something in her pants. "Mom, it is getting bigger." "Mommy, it kind of hurts." At that point, I ran over, yanked her pants down and found a very large, very alive fuzzy Carpenter bee walking up the inside of K-'s leg.

I yelled.

She panicked.

Thank God Hubs was home. He yelled too, I guess to keep with the theme, grabbed the bee and got it off of K-. We did catch the bee and it flew away when we released it. Hubs has informed me that I have some reprogramming to do. I have him borrowing books from work.

Eeek. I didn't mean to scare her with my environmentally friendly clothes drying. Ugh.

Read on my friends. There's good stuff in the post below.


Rach said...

I was once attacked by a fuzzy, stinging caterpillar in clothing that had been line dried. Poor K. I hope all's better now.

(The things I have forgotten since I haven't line dried in so long...)

Michelle said...

Ack! That would freaked me out too; I so would have been screaming!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Poor K!! Thank goodness she didn't get stung.

Jamie said...

OH MY! I would have peed my pants!

Glad she didn't get stung or otherwise traumatized by the bee.

We have a big stink bug problem here but they are harmless. They are always in and on clothes that come from outside.