Saturday, April 4, 2009

Because we can't just attend a public event.

Public puking. Yes. Puke.

We had a wedding shower to attend today. We were about an hour late due to K-'s swimming lessons. We got there, things were well underway and we quietly got a lovely and very delicious assortment of salads and had some lemonade.

K- loves lemonade. She had some more. She had some more. Then she had cake with lots of frosting. And finished off my frosting, too. She was spinning around with her friends, having "horsie rides" and bouncing.

The one girl brought her over and said that K- was tired. I scooped her up like a sack of potatoes only to hear, "Mommy I think I'm going to" and it happened.

I ran with her in my arms, hoping to spare the folks the sight of her. I had a straight shot to the kitchen. Good. A trash can. Until I got there and found all the garbage cans were out in the party room. UGH! A friend's mother was washing dishes, stepped aside and gave me the sink. Poor K-. I had her curled up on her side using the sink as her waste disposal.

How gross. I bleached and cleaned it out after she was done. Super nasty gross.

I'm glad to report that she's fine. She has consumed enough saltines to keep a soup kitchen happy. She's had ginger ale and kept it down.

I think that she had far too much fun. I hope the bride understands!

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Rach said...

Oh no! Poor baby. Poor Mommy. Ick ick ick. :o( I hope she's feeling better now.