Monday, March 9, 2009


Things are blooming! I found crocus'!
The girls (K- with the brown pants and her friend, E- just ahead) are riding their bikes up and down the sidewalk again. They also run down to the fence and back. I had a neighbor stop me the other day to tell me how much she's missed seeing K- run back and forth. She said to her that is a true sign of spring!
Toes in the sand. Ahhh. Now, we did wear the way-too-small Teva sandals from last year, but they were easier for on and off to the sand box. (I ordered another pair. They are on their way!)
Some tulips popping up near the butterfly bushes. Dried echinacea noggins. The birds love to eat on them through the winter, so we leave them behind until spring clean-up.
The little pines made it, even though it was nasty cold. Little onions sprouting in the herb garden.
Soapwort growing under the Purple Plum. Swinging on the swingset!
Hens and chicks just beginning to awaken from their winter slumber.

How's the green in your neck 'o the woods?


Rach said...

Ahhh, yes, spring is springing. :o) It's 70 right now and should hit close to 80 today. On my way to work this morning I saw daffodils EVERYWHERE which led me to thoughts of Lil and I going on a spring "hunt" this afternoon. We'll traipse through the neighborhood and see what we can find. :o)

Jamie said...

Funny, I was out Friday taking pix of all my greens popping up through the soil. I was going to come in and do the same post, but you beat me to it! I don't have any blooms yet, too early for us. I can't believe you have crocuses already.

Natalie said...

Saturday was much the same for us! Beautiful weather! Larissa and Dorian got to ride bikes and play on the swing set. I even did a little clean up in the flower beds (should have been done in the fall). I loved to see the little bit of green peaking out. Oh how I love the warmer weather.