Thursday, March 5, 2009


I don't have any particular topic swirling in my head, so I'll give you a random list of stuff. (Written Wednesday night.)

1. Hubs went to the Wildlife Diversity Conference today and brought us back some loot. I love free conference loot! (Sad, I know.) I totally scored another butterfly identification book and a great, new re-useable shopping bag. I use them a ton and have a few that are starting to wear. Hubs thinks that I'm just trying to collect the whole set.
2. K- has been great, but had a little bit of a tired breakdown on the way out of the in-law's. Ack. Baby steps. She lost her Polly's-- again-- but, hopefully we can start earning them back again tomorrow night.
3. My co-worker went home with the start of a head cold. I hope that I don't get it, but it gave me time to work with the Gallery Director. She's never closed down the particular part of the store that I work in, so I kind of showed her the closing ropes. I was able to have some great conversation about artists that we know, worked with, learned from and such. The 2 hours flew by!
4. My in-law's picked spaghetti up for me tonight. Hubs usually picks K- up from their house, but since he was in Columbus all day, I went. It was very kind of them to think of me.
5. My mother-in-law took K- swimming today. They have a standing Wednesday afternoon swim date. It gives my mother-in-law some therapeutic exercise (she has rheumatoid arthritis) and allows them to do something nice together. It also saves me a night of bathtime at home!
6. Hubs is playing the Incredible Hulk with K- right now on the Game Cube. She loves the "green guy."
7. I hated that the Biggest Loser ended without us knowing if they made the 77 pound mark last night or not. Ugh.
8. I'm tired of hearing about The Bachelor. Jason is a glob of goo and I feel like I should flick a booger at him. No, Jesus wouldn't be happy that I'm flicking a booger at him, but he understands that Jason was a butt and could have handled the dump so much better. For the record, I only really watched the last bit of The Bachelor.
9. Did America's Next Top Model just start back up? Hmmm. Must go and watch! I think that this is the beginning. Yes, it has to be the very beginning, because wow-- they are way full of themselves. Pardon me, I must go watch!

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Rach said...

Oh, I LOVE me some good conference loot! Brien always gets *much* better loot than me--his conferences are always government kind of dealies, and well, they seem to have a much bigger budget than educators...

Lil yelled at Shari yesterday because Shari had the nerve to run out of juice. What the heck is the child thinking????? Of course, she awoke today, looked me right and the eyes and said, "I'm gonna be good today, Mommy. I promise." Melt my heart. :sigh: