Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Things For a New Year: March Update

1. I would like to lose 13 pounds. -- I've lost 6 and have kept them off. That is a step up. For the most part, that is typically the fluctuating 5 pounds.
2. We will eat better. -- We've been chugging along on this. I've hit a cooking slump. I intend on breaking out the crockpot more often. I need to meal plan and it will resolve much of my lack of creativity issue. We are eating better, though. Just not creatively.
3. We will keep a tidier house. -- We have done well. The livingroom is tidied each morning, Hubs handles the dishes and I've been making a conscious effort of keeping the laundry not only done, but put away twice a week. K- has been making her bed. We've been having the growth-spurt battle of the wills over picking up her toys. It seems as though taking many of her worldly possessions away and making her earn them back little by little has helped immensely. Thanks, Mom.
4. I will unearth the studio and make work again. -- This months goal. There is an opening at work in mid-April and I intend on having fresh, new work there.
5. I will concentrate more on Mommy School with K-. -- K- seems to be getting the true hang of her numbers, has been doing well working on sound identification, memorization and clarity of speech.
6. I will be certain that we get that bedtime story in every night. -- With the punishments and going straight to bed, the stories have not completely fallen by the wayside, but they have fallen by the punishment wayside.
7. I will begin devotional readings again. -- Okay, I haven't started reading devotionals, but I have started reading for enjoyment. That is something that I don't do often, but I have been reading before bed. I managed to finish Strange Fits of Passion and I've moved on to A Walk to Remember.
8. That TV will be turned off even more. -- K- has lost many TV privileges and will be without the box for a week. We've found that she has managed to have way more creative play. I told her that when she does get TV back, I'll be giving her a specified amount of time each day. When it is spent, it's gone.
9. We will do walking in the evenings again. -- Well, the weather has been less than walkable. But! Spring is upon us. I like to walk outside much more than walking on a treadmill.
10. It's not about me. -- It's a process. It's a work in progress.

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Jamie said...

You're doing good... one day at a time. and Breathe!