Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Sister, The Baby Maker

Right after my sister turned 38 this past August, she thought that she was suffering from menopause. A pregnancy test suggested otherwise. After a few months, she stopped crying. She has since embraced said surprise and has plodded along with her pregnancy. She has felt like dirt, can't take her happy pill, which makes her very happy and has been crabby as a result.

She called a few weeks ago to tell me that someone had inquired on when her baby shower would be. Traditionally, baby showers in our neck o' the woods are for your first baby. Anything over and above that are financed by the baby recipient. My sister falls into a different category, though. She moved to Southern PA (Hanover), had her two children, moved again to Southwestern PA (Waynesboro), then moved back to NE Ohio where she has lived in two separate places. Baby paraphernalia went by the wayside back in Hanover. We had decided long ago to have a shower for her, but when she phoned me it sounded as if she was scheduling her own shower. That hit us as kind of tacky.

We've gotten past accusing my poor sister of the tacky self-shower scheduling and have moved on. The shower is no longer a surprise, but life is a little easier now.

So last Friday, I spent some quality time with my seamstress friend and we made some lovely baby things for my sister from the 24 feet of fabric that I purchased in my tired haze at the Day After Thanksgiving Day Sale at Joann's. A couple yards here, a couple yards there . . . 24 total feet. Hmm. Who wasn't keeping count? We made:

6 pairs cotton 1 ply nursing pads
6 pairs cotton 2 ply nursing pads
4 changing pads
12 burp cloths
1 blanket with the silky edge (the silky edge fabric was leftover and in Laurie's scrap drawer)
1 tag blanket (again, made with scrap drawer scraps)
4 bibs

I went to Walmart and used my My Points gift card to purchase:

Lavender Bath Wash
Lavender Lotion
Baby Q-Tips
Wipes and wipe refill
Diaper Rash cream

My friend makes the most beautiful crocheted cotton baby hats, so I had her make one for Baby Pond House. Oh, it is just too great. K- wore a sleep cap 3 seasons for the first couple of years. (She was bald. Way bald.) I thought it made the perfect sleep hat for the new baby!

I added some other things into the basket that I had put up for a baby arrival. Whatever we pass on is something that my sister can use, so why not?

So today we have a baby party for my sister, LeAnne. Soon enough, she will fit back into her regular clothes, she'll be able to see her feet again and will no longer be able to find her floor because of all the baby stuff that she has accumulated.

So congratulations, my sister. Way to bake 'em! Living vicariously through you, my friend!


Rach said...

Congratulations to your sister--unexpected or not. :o)

Enjoy the party!

JMom said...

Congrats for your sister--I love the basket you put together!
Thanks for your sweet concern for my recovery. It warmed my heart to see that prayer request on the side. Thanks for being a thoughtful friend across the www!!!