Friday, March 13, 2009

I wasn't the Coupon Queen, but I feel pretty good.

Yesterday afternoon when my friend was visiting, I decided to glance over the Giant Eagle ad. She had a few phone calls to take and I started making a grocery list. Now, I know that Jamie is way better at this than me (I'm working on it), but I did save 54% on my bill-- $35.01 total savings. That's not too bad for me! With all that, I got 8 packages of the Ronzoni Pasta for free. It was BOGO and I had 4 coupons for BOGO. It's not stuff that I'm too hip to eating, but I plan on sharing it with folks who can use it. I purchased bathroom cleaner for 1.00 a bottle (2 bottles of cleaner, 2 large toilet bowl cleaners). I know that I had that on the shelf, but it doesn't expire and the price was right! I bought the things that I planned (except Band-Aids because they weren't as good of a deal as I hoped) and only added milk and a few produce things that we actually did need. The milk was 1.99/gallon and it is hormone free (hooray!), broccoli was on sale, so I'll make broccoli soup this weekend instead of chicken corn chowder and we were fresh out of short cut carrots.

I did forget to add that we bought a pizza to have for our play date. Don't worry, it was on sale and I had a coupon. Blast! I forgot that N- is running McD's for the kids. Oh well. The adults can eat it. That'll work. We'll have leftovers on Saturday for lunch.

K- gets to play with her friend, E-, today. The girls are 7 weeks apart and when E- was 2 1/2, her family moved to Wisconsin (or Wiz-gon-son) so that her dad could attend U of W-Milwaukee for guitar. They have come into town this weekend so that her dad can play at the Godly Guitar concert at the church up the street. That gave us time to get the kids together so that they can play. For 2 1/2 years of their lives, the girls were pretty much attached at the hip. We live 6 blocks apart and when E-'s dad is done with his education, he plans to come back. (They kept their house and rent it while they are gone.) In the meantime, the girls enjoy their little play dates together. N- and I get to catch up and hang with their nearly 1 year old, B-. Both girls are very excited. Truly when they play, it's like they just played yesterday. They don't miss a beat. It makes my heart happy for them!

With that, I hope that all of you have a great day!

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Jamie said...

(I guess I missed this post somehow, sorry).

Awesome job! Those Ronzoni things are nasty so yah, pass those bad boys on! Funny one of my best recent %s was when we bought those too! I passed over cutting out the BOGO in this weeks paper for that very reason. Someone in my coupon circle

And what the heck bathroom cleaner did you get for $1?

The band-aids WEREN'T a good deal, were they? Wait till closer to summer they will go 2 for $4 and then you can use the $1 offs to get them for a buck.