Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Recycled, Homemade Valentines

We had a snow day this past Wednesday, so that got us to work on a nice snow day project. We made K-'s class valentines. Sure, we could have bought a box of valentines from the store, but we were in, we could make them and why not?

Our materials. We used Do A Dot Art bottles for the little blops of color. We had wiggly eyes, bead noses, cardboard from an IKEA glass tote box, a Department 56 Christmas product sign that I snagged from work, glitter, glue and some markers. (Worth noting, we used only what we had on hand. I would have used cereal boxes if we hadn't had the IKEA box on hand.)

First, we snagged our IKEA glass tote back out of the recycling box.

Then I traced all the hearts onto the box.

Don't forget the Department 56 product sign. We need to punch the heart mouths out of that. Hearts for the mouths? That was K's idea. I had no idea what I was going to do with the hearts prior to that. I thought that it was a grand idea!

I was left as a mama cutting. And cutting. And cutting. Just look at that scrap pile!

K- wrote her name on the backs of all the hearts prior to us decorating them. I figured that it would be hard for her to write her name with wiggly eyes on the hearts.

Our pile of punched out mouths.

K- is choosing one of the bottles of Do A Dot Art to decorate the pre-painted heart. (Yes, I painted them.)

Do a dot!

The dots and the hearts are drying.

They need swirls of glue and some glitter. K- kind of abandon me for a while at this point. Hubs had come home on his early-out snow day and he was playing video games. She wanted a break.

I got them glued, glittered and drying. Look, I've forgotten to photo a few steps. But it takes us to this:

We added eyes, bead noses and heart mouths. I waited for them to dry, then I went in and added eyelashes, eyebrows and a little curve to their mouths. Oh, and don't forget the recycle symbol!

We're going to bake some brownies the night before her class party. I'll bag them up in some sandwich bags and put them in the cutesy froggie and hearts bag that we got in the Target dollar aisle. We'll plunk a valentine in there and tie it up with some ribbon. Easy-peasy!

We had fun on our snow day! We hope that all of you have a fun Valentine's Day!

Next week: Heirloom seeds, seed starting and some cabin fever garden photos! Can we say whew-whoooo?!


avagdro said...

Thank you Amy,a great way to express love through our struggle.Wish you n all beforehand a Joyful Valentine.

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Rach said...

Those are SOOOO cute!

My hand cramped looking at all the cutting of cardboard.

Jamie said...

That's dedication. They turned out adorable. Perhaps when you are done cleaning up you can come over and do some sort of crafty with my girls?

Just kidding. I already gave the Hallmark store $40 for cards for my family.

oh amanda said...

cute cute!!!

jennwa said...

ADORABLE!!!!! I love it!

Pink & Green Mama said...

Adorable! I love homemade crafts and recycling -- I bet your hand and your scissors got a work out cutting all of that cardboard. Great job ladies!