Sunday, February 1, 2009

Resolutions Revisited

I've decided that I'll update my resolutions monthly, so as to keep them fresh in my memory. Let's take a walk through January 1 lane, eh?

1. I would like to lose 13 pounds. I've lost 5. I don't think that's horrible. I'm on fluctuation right now because, well, let's just say it is about that time. I have been more mindful of what I am eating, how I am eating it and when I'm eating. That accounts for something!
2. We will eat better. A sugar cleansing of the home has been performed. Hallelujah! We've been healed! (Though, I find myself having huge cravings right now.) Now K- is asking for healthy items such as grapes, carrots, cottage cheese and the like. We've been eating more whole grain. I typed this on Thursday night and we had whole grain and barley Near East Chicken Rice with leftover center cut pork chops and veggies from the crockpot the other night tossed in.
3. We will keep a tidier house. Right now my table has been craft central, but yes, the house is drop in presentable. Again, we weren't pigs before, but we've been less of the drop and run M-W. I still have that small pile on the corner of the table though. I swear it appears there without my doing. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
4. I will unearth the studio and make work again. Nuthin' here. I have put more crap in there. Does that count?!
5. I will concentrate more on Mommy School with K-. Yep. We've been working on it. We're on project numbers right now.
6. I will be certain that we get that bedtime story in every night. More often than not, I've been successful with this one even if it has been a few pages a night.
7. I will begin devotional readings again. I bought another just the other day. Buying is not doing, though.
8. That TV will be turned off even more. We're listening to more music.
9. We will do walking in the evenings again. It's been too dang cold outside and sidewalks? I'm sure there under the 18 inches or so of snow that we have out there. We still have the treadmill though. Yup, haven't been good with this one, but I can say that I've been shoveling the driveway and sidewalk a lot. For me, I consider that pretty decent exercise.
10. It's not about me. Working on this. Trying to remember to hold my tongue and not insert something about myself in every story. Listen with my ears and keep my mouth silent. I am putting a conscious effort into this.

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Jamie said...

I think you're doing pretty well considering that you made more than one resolution and it's hard to tackle a list rather than one thing.
I need to work on the "it's not all about me thing" too - you know that. So thanks for throwing that out there and making me realize it.