Friday, February 6, 2009

My Mama

My mom is such a hard worker. Mom cleans houses as a job, runs around, bakes and whatnot but right now my mom is not feeling well. Initially, they thought it was the flu. She ended up back at the doctor today and what they suspect might be wrong is a hyperactive thyroid. She has a raging headache, fever, her heart is racing and overall just does not feel well. My mom isn't one to lie in bed. She worked on Monday, but has been in bed the rest of the week. My mom may make mention of not feeling well, but she doesn't harbor on it. She is to go tomorrow for blood work and to have a chest x-ray. She has a doctor's appointment on Monday to go over results, then will have a CAT scan if the results don't tell the doctor what he needs to know. By everything that my mom has told to me, her doctor spent much time with her today (about an hour) going over everything, talking about her head pain and that he truly does believe that all of this is a thyroid gone wrong. What's in the back of my mom's mind? The fact that my aunt, her sister, died in September as a result of brain cancer-- a glioblastoma of the temporal lobe. That is exactly where my mom's headache is centralized. (Again, the doctor said it is my mom's blood pressure causing it and not brain cancer.) He has found that she also has a goiter on her neck that he knows to be a goiter, but mom is concerned as she has had a few people that she has worked for in the past few years die of cancer that was located in the neck. Poor mom. I told her that I know where I get it.

Please consider praying for my mom. She is a spaz middle child like me. My mom does have a heart of gold though. She can drive you crazy, but loves you to the end of the earth and back.

I'll bring all of you up to date on Monday when I find out more.


Rach said...

Of course I'll be praying for your mom. Oh my goodness. Hugs to you too.

Jamie said...

Oh, Definitely, I'll keep your Mama in my thoughts and prayers. Fingers crossed that whatever it is, is treatable and that her pain and suffering is minimal and of course that she bounces back to baking and being the Mama that you know soon.

My hugs to you, Amy.

GERBEN said...

You got it girl. ((hug))

Michelle said...

keeping your mom in my prayers and that they can get the blood work figured out.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Praying for mom!