Monday, February 2, 2009

I Fell Off the Wagon, But Now I'm Back On

Oh don't worry, it's not drinking I'm talking about. In regard to that, Hubs and I don't drink, but because we both have ugly family history that we choose not to repeat.

Anyhow, I started line-drying our laundry in September. I found it therapeutic to go out to my new outdoors clothesline, hang the laundry in the morning and come home after work to it all dried. I would stand at K-'s slide, fold up all the laundry and bring it in and put it away. It was a nice system that I had.

Then winter came.

That's fine. I have a six-line run in the basement. I can hang two extra large loads of laundry down there and it is all good.

Except the fact that the washer went out.

Then the holidays were upon us.

And the basement is heated, but not the warmest place in the world.

Then I started going through Mt. St. Baby downstairs. My basement was consumed by piles of baby and toddler paraphernalia labeled for children all over the greater city area.

Internets, I fell off the line-drying wagon. I was sad that it had happened. I told myself one day I would get back on. I had a super system. I had built hanger trees for the socks, so I didn't waste precious line space on something so small. I had discovered that you don't have to fully hang the underwear, you can just hang it from one side and let it dangle down. You use one pin and a whole lot less room.

You'd be glad to know though that Saturday I pulled my line-drying love back out. I had declared Saturday an at home day. I was gorgeous with my unbrushed hair pulled back into a pony tail, wearing unmatched sweats and slippers that had blown a hole in them only earlier in the week. To tell you that I was beyond ravishing is an understatement. I couldn't wait for the Hubs to come home to see how gorgeous his wife of nearly 12 years had become. All that aside, I decided that Saturday was the day.

Can I tell you something? It felt good. My laundry lines missed me, but their forgiveness was sweet. As my damp laundry hangs on the line, I feel like I'm once again back to trying to do one more thing to help out Mother Earth. Now, if it didn't take a couple of days for the laundry to dry down there, it would be super.


Rach said...

Growing up, we line dried all spring, summer and into autumn. I'm not "allowed" to have a line due to HOA rules and I really do miss it.

And, with no basement, no possibilities there, either.

I'm glad to hear you're on it, though! :o)

Jamie said...

Go you!
I don't have a dryer working - out of choice - so I am line drying all year round! In the summer they go out side, and in the winter I have three racks that I put in my living room / office. I wash around 6pm, hang and by morning they are dry. I do about a load each day and I keep up. I am more than excited to get things hanging outside again.