Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Am Irrational. I Am Cranky. I Have PMS.

Hi. My name is Amy and I have PMS. By the end of this post (which was written Wednesday night), the world will probably feel it. Allow me to deposit my irritations into a tidy post, eh?

1. My daughter left her backpack at my in-law's. My husband has a hard time remembering anything and asking him to bring her bag with him slipped his mind. No big deal, eh? Well, K- isn't going back there until Tuesday. She will be without her backpack and her school folder until my mother-in-law picks her up. Three days of school worth. Father-in-law can ship for free. I asked and my mother-in-law said, "That's silly. She can get it Tuesday." Wonderful. I have things in there that I would have liked to have. Apparently, that isn't important enough. Oh, to drive over is 25 minutes there and 25 minutes back. It is insane to waste the gas and the hour to do it. Hubs says, "Well, since you are at the doctor tomorrow, you can just stop by. You are out that way." Um, it isn't "out that way." Yes, we have other bags. Yes I could pull out another folder, but I'm being irrational.
2. I have cramps.
3. So, I'm going to the doctor to get a referral to an orthopedic person to do something with my thumb that has taken to locking and clicking. I worry that the doctor will tell me what he has said in the past, "Oh, I've seen worse!" Thank you. Then, I'll tackle the cholesterol issue. In the past it was high. Now, I'm not a sinless eater, but by and large I have a healthy diet. I'm not looking forward to being a slave to cholesterol medications. But that brings me to the next bit.
4. "Oh, if you exercised and ate better, just think about how your cholesterol would be!" My husband is probably glad that I didn't sling a meatball at him. As I reminded him, I have blood clotting disorders that help to cause the high cholesterol and if I ate nothing but vegetables, I'd probably still have high cholesterol. Some people can't avoid it. You can help it, but you can't avoid it. "I want you to take care of yourself, but I hate to see you take medicine." Um, me too, but do you want me still around or do you want me to die because eventually the good cholesterol may decide to be bad and the gunk in my arteries will stick. Just sayin'.
5. Folks who come in and tell me how to do my job drive me crazy. We had a regular customer in today who is generally pretty pleasant. She was with a friend, so perhaps she was trying to show off. She told me how to paper the items that she was buying. She told me how to bag the items that she was buying. She told me that things needed to be on separate bill only after everything was already written up. She wanted to buy something that we don't sell (little ear clutches to keep your earrings from falling out of your ear.) I told her that I would be happy to give her a pair or two. I even told her where she could order them. Then, after we GAVE her some ear clutches she told us about how they weren't the kind that she wanted. She wanted a certain kind and did we have the others that we liked better. No, but where did her thankfulness go?
6. The lunch that I brought today bombed out. Long story short, my aunt gave me some "wholesome Russian meals" that were frozen. There were chicken meatballs and buckwheat that were wonderful. This one was turkey and what I thought was whole cranberry sauce. The turkey smelled so dark turkey strong that I wouldn't even touch it. The cranberry sauce? Beets, but I only figured that out after I took a big bite. I don't like beets. My co-worker bailed me out though. She gave me cottage cheese and a lovely Crispin apple. I had popcorn and was good to go. She fed me well. Thank goodness we had our Wednesday lunch date. If we hadn't, I would have been hungry!
7. I'm getting tired of the weather. I normally don't complain, but it's cold then it barely warms up enough to make everything gooshy then it becomes cold again. My driveway is a solid block of ice and our vehicles sit in indentations. If you get too close when strapping K- in, you slide down the indentation and slam your shin into the car. Oh, that feels nice. It is 9 degrees F now and only to get colder this evening, then it is supposed to be 40 F or so Friday and Saturday, then back to cold. We have a thick layer of ice followed by a crunchy, crispy what was slushy snow, then a bit more ice on that, then a fresh layer of snow on that. You can stand on the snow and not fall through. That, my friends, is a serious amount of water it is holding.
8. My bosses cut out paying a full day for snow days. Now they will compensate with payment of 3 hours. There are many that can't afford for them to call off a snow day. Now we're hoping for no more snow days. Of course, I've only been told this through the rumor mill. God forbid they actually give some type of written notice about it. In all fairness, I understand their need to do so. However, communication would be fantastic.
9. They are cutting some co-workers hours at work. I haven't heard that my hours are being cut, yet.
10. Each customer who purchased something today asked me about how the economy was fairing for us. Then they told me that "people need to buy food more than art." Oh, the one lady told me how expensive the wall tiles were that we had on our counter. Yes, well, when it is handcrafted work that is made here in the states-- IT'S GONNA COST MORE, PEOPLE! (No, I didn't tell them that.)

I would love a big bowl of ice cream, but I don't think that is wise to do before a cholesterol test. Tomorrow afternoon.


Rach said...

I stand by what I wrote last night, I'm sorry. :o( PMS and all that follows just sucks.

Jamie said...

If it makes you feel any better- I had a weeks worth of crap like that and I totally understand what it feels like to want to sling anything at anyone who can be a target. I'll be the first to say you can throw something at me, because I'll throw it right back! just kidding.

As far as the cholesterol thing goes... I think there are things we are destined to have no matter how hard we try to remedy it. Yours is cholesterol, mine is asthma.

I definitely think your customers WEREN'T thinking before they made those comments. They probably didn't mean any harm. I accidentally made a comment like that on Tuesday to a waitress. I felt horribly stupid afterward.

Do you take anything for cramps? I learned something many years ago that works (if only temporarily) for cramps. Kneel down on the floor (or something large like your bed) and lean forward while stretching your arms out in front of you and lower yourself to the floor. In position, you'll have your legs bent under you and you'll essentially be crushing your uterus. Obviously this isn't going to CURE the cramps, but it will provide some relief. You can meditate, pray or whatever you want to clear your mind while in that position.

I can also throw some other suggestions your way if you want. LMK.