Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: The Sock Drawer

I am convinced that to look into someones sock drawer is like looking into their medicine cabinet. It is a very personal space that typically involves some very expired items.

My sock drawer lives in this:
We figured that if we were going to take the footprint space for a substantial piece of furniture in our very small home, we were going to make the most of the floorspace that it took. This is the Amish made oak armoire** that we purchased about 6 years ago. It has decent sized drawers. See:
This gives me the opportunity to basket some of my things. You see, this past fall I decided to purge all of the items from the sock/underwear drawer that I didn't wear. I couldn't stand the drawer anymore. I ditched the itchy lace bras that I never wore. (And they dug big rub marks into my skin!) I tossed the uncomfortable undies. I flipped the socks that sagged, bagged and otherwise just didn't work. I decided to roll my pattern socks into knots (Heloise tells you not to do this as it stretches socks out according to her) so that I could stand them all up and still see the patterns. (I'm ignoring Heloise, can't you tell?) I have my athletic socks in one basket, trouser-type in another. I have a separate basket for underwear only. I have the thicker socks, some sachets and my bras towards the bottom. Voila. Works for me. And yes, I do keep my drawer just like this. Call it crazy Virgo organization.

Don't forget that Bloggy Giveaways is having its carnival next week. For more information, click the button on my sidebar. I'll be giving away a handcrafted bow organizing board. Come on back on January 26 to drop your name in to win! I'd love to see you again. Don't hate me though, it's US only. Sorry!

This is an example of the bow board that I will be giving away. This is K-'s board that we have used over the last year. Don't worry, you'll get a fresh new one. I'll even kick in a bow to start you out!

** We purchased our armoire at Pleasant View Furniture in Dundee, Ohio. It cost half of what the pressed wood pieces at the local furniture stores cost, and that was with shipping included! It was much larger than the stores were offering, too. The piece was made on site by their son and we've had subsequent pieces for our bedroom made from them since then. They are lovely people and truly the lowest furniture prices that we can find. If you are on the hunt for good quality handcrafted furniture, stop by to see Leroy. He'll be working by gas lamp light and heating by wood burning fire place.


Sherry said...

Wow, your sock drawer looks great! I hadn't even thought that tying the socks might stretch them.

Have a great Wednesday!

Blue Castle said...

That looks amazing. I'm so impressed that you keep it that way all the time. :)

Frugal Finds said...

Now that is organization!!

Faith said...

Wow, that's the neatest, most organized sock drawer I've ever seen!

Ginny said...

I love this & I roll my socks as well. I've tried not doing it & it bugs me, lol.