Monday, January 19, 2009

A Task Accomplished: A Walk Down Baby/Toddler Clothing Lane

The RAV was loaded down with baby clothing to pass out at church. I found bodies that would fit in these clothes and the parents were taking it home with them if I had to load it in their cars myself.

I have to add, this isn't all of it. Oh, nosiree. My friend, S- came over the other day and freed me of a laundry basket full, 2 overflowing boxes and a bag full. I've sent a few loads to my sisters house, including the box and two bags from the other day. I've been consistently passing clothes down to K-'s friend, A- for over a year now.

This whole hand-me-down thing never ends.

But, I can cross this off the list of things that I needed to get done this year. Hubs is happy that the giveaway pile in the basement has lost its top. It's not Mt. St. Goodwill anymore.

It makes me happy. It also makes me sad. I did pull a few things from the boxes that I wanted to save. K-'s insanely dark pink Stride Rite walkers that I bought on eBay for $5.00. The kid was bald and I was tired of her being accused of being a boy, even if she was dressed head-to-toe in pink. A woman from our last church made a sweater and a hat that I kept. I also kept that outfit that we brought K- home in, even though it was 3-6 months. She was only a wee-widgen and that outfit swallowed her alive. Little did we know that preemie was really her size, but my cousin hooked us up with clothes that actually fit her as a Christmas gift. There was a beautiful little dress that she wore to the festival of 1000 weddings that summer. I had returned an outfit that was opposite season for it. Such a beautiful little dress. Couldn't part with it.

So, now my home is free of baby things. I still have my baby, though. She's watching "Little Fairy on the House" (AKA Little House on the Prairie) right now. I don't care how old she is. She'll always be my baby.

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Jamie said...

Oh, I remember not wanting to get rid of the baby clothes. I have a bin in my attic that I couldn't get rid of: clothes, toys, shoes and other baby things that I will hopefully one day give to my sister. I sold the rest of it on ebay or gave it away after Halen grew out of it.

I'm still slowly getting rid of the 5s and 6s. I hate parting with the first day of school outfits and the pretty dresses.

It seems to get worse as they get bigger.... the clothes take up so much more room now!