Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tales from the Trenches: Curbs Bite Part 2

Remember when I smacked that curb last week? If you don't, you can read about it here. I'll give you the short story. Curbs bite when you smack them. When you smack them just the right way, it will leave a gash in your tire that will leak air very fast. Then, because we bought a car with Sport stamped to the side, we got the pleasure of waiting a few days to get our spare back because they don't have that size in stock. Oh, and even better news? It was $133.00! (That was with a discount since my brother works at a Goodyear Tire garage.) Yes, it was the most expensive trip to the thrift I've taken. Hubs asked me to ask my brother for a BOGO sale on the tire. He said that with the way that I've been going through tires, he believes that I need a spare for my spare.

Good news? I didn't wreck the rim. That is super fantastic news since my brother ran the price and COST only would have been $435.00. I would have had a flippin' heart attack.

Extraneous information that you don't want to know? My tire pressure light remained on after having had my most loving husband change the tire in the 11 degree heat. We worried that there was some ice-jammed sensor or damaged sensor for that matter. The problem? There is a tire pressure sensor on the back door, where the spare hangs, and it was detecting a flat spare. Good to know.


Jamie said...

Hey, that wasn't so bad. SUV tires are so freakin expensive. Guess it could have been worse.... glad it wasn't the rim.

tatertot374 said...

Glad it wasnt the rim. I always tell myself could have been worse. Glad you are safe as well.