Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smacked with the Panhandle Hook

Let's take inventory of the day.

K- has no school. It was canceled, thus canceling her bowling field trip. She was very sad.
Work for me was called off at 7:30 AM. Hooray! I get paid to sit at home today.
Hubs went out at 7:45 AM to get the cars started. His county was only on a Level 2 emergency, thus making the Park still open.
Takes Hubs an hour to get to work.
Hubs is at work for 45 minutes and they decide to close work. He gets snow day pay, too.
Hubs decides to go by the record store, as the gift certificate that I gave him was burning a hole in his pocket. He found some good loot.
Hubs stops by the bank to deposit a check. Gets stuck in snow drift. Has plow driver stop to tell him "I'd help but I'm busy," but proceed to sit for 10 minutes and tell him how he should "gun it, wiggle the wheel back and forth and throw it into reverse." Nevermind that Hubs was stuck up to the frame and had to dig said vehicle out (the Tercel, since he didn't want to take my 4WD truck-- duh) with a snow scraper. The UPS man helped to push him out but only with the promise that he wouldn't run him over. I'm glad that he stated that, as Hubs would have never thought of NOT RUNNING THE UPS MAN OVER!
I shoveled the drive for Hubs so he wouldn't get stuck.
Neighbor comes and clears the sidewalk and end of drive out with snowblower.
K- and I worked on making Valentine's intermittently throughout the day.
Neighbor comes home from work and gets stuck on nothing at the end of his driveway. We come to help him out. A car is stuck waiting, since their is a car parked on the street across the street from us regardless to the fact that there is a parking ban in effect. We got his soccer mom van into the driveway and continue to laugh that he has a brand new 4WD truck warm, toasty, waxed and clean in the garage. Hubs helped to push the car that was waiting for the neighbor to be unstuck. Oh the wonders of living on a dead end street.
K- wants to come out to play with her friend E-. That's fine since Mommy is going to shovel the driveway-- again.
Neighbor and I tag-team cleared the driveways as the girls played.
We came in, warmed some dinner and K- watched a movie as I continued to enter my name on far too many Bloggy Giveways.
Hubs has been tinkering in the basement, K- is in bed and a knock on the door was for the "man of the house." The neighbors across the street who don't speak to anyone were stuck and wanted Hubs to come push. "This will be his third car from about that same spot today." Hubs dresses in his outdoor gear, is out for about 10 minutes and the neighbor has decided that she will call a tow truck.
That puts me to now. I'm fairly certain that the snowplow will come in the middle of the night, seal our driveway shut with probably 2 feet of road ice/snow and goo, which will send us out bright and early to shovel-- again.
We had no mail.
K- and I have only left on foot. That's fine.
I've done more exercise today than I have in a long time. I'm sure that I will feel it soon. An Advil before bed is probably not a bad idea.
But for now, I have a step stool to continue painting.

Have a great, snowy night!

Edited to add: Apparently the neighbor with the car stuck in the middle of the street couldn't get the tow services to move fast enough for her so she CALLED THE POLICE. They are out there digging her car out now. We live in a city. Not the largest, but by all means not the smallest city. I'm thinking that it was a low crime evening. And, just for the record, the car is still stuck in the middle of the street. Ahhh, putting our city's finest at work one shovel at a time. Yes, a fine use of the 911 system.

Because I had nothing better do to with my life than watch two men, a two truck and a clueless woman try to get the car out of the middle of the street, I can report that they did get the car out from the street. Somehow the tow truck pulled the car straight so that the ladies brother could use a tow rope and yank her into the very small driveway.

Now, aren't you glad that I watched all this? My husband kept saying, "STOP WATCHING!" Nah. It was a low news night. There was lots of snow and I knew it without them telling me. I decided to watch the neighbors and the tow truck driver instead.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Sounds like our day, but without the car pushing. Hubs went to work (Cuyahoga Falls) but sent everyone home at 2 pm. Took him about an hour and half each way. Not good.
My back is sore this morning from shovling. Must go take advil.

Jamie said...

We got nuisance snow and some freezing rain yesterday. No bad roads, nothing really to shovel and no excitement, but no school either! Delay today, for what reason I don't know. I'm actually hoping for a good two or three feet all at once because my kids have never experienced that. Now, that is a good reason to cancel school and close stuff down!