Friday, January 9, 2009

A Quick Couch Update

As y'all have been on the edge of your seat (ba-dump), you'd be glad to know that the new couch replacement arrived BEAUTIFULLY today. After giving it the fine toothed comb treatment, I gave the go-ahead to the drivers that she was all good. I tell you, I inspected that thing from the top to the bottom- literally. They understood completely! The guy said that he was inspecting it before he even brought it off the truck. He couldn't believe that it took a month for the switch to happen. Oh well, it's all over at least.

I did learn a few interesting things. First, the driver-drop off guy was one of their senior guys. He believes that the couch left the warehouse damaged and that it was not damaged on the truck. Also, that whole dark line situation across the full top of the couch was probably over-saturation in the Guardsman fabric coating stuff. I wonder that for a few reasons. First, this couch doesn't have dark spots anywhere. Secondly, the first couch stunk so bad that I couldn't even sit on it for a week. I laid down on this one, even fell asleep, and was fine. Yup. I think the first one was a clinker.

So to La-Z-Boy of NE Ohio, you did redeem yourself. Even if it took me threatening to come up there and telling you that I was going to turn you over to the BBB. Finally, I got through the heads of the three people who authorized the switch to GET ME A FREAKIN' NEW COUCH, please. They should have been glad. I had PMS the week previous. Just think of the damage that I could have done.

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