Monday, January 5, 2009

A Place to Sit, Heat, Not a Drop to Drink, and Bargains Galore!

Well, we'll start with first things first. I think that it deserves bold, capital letters and a splash of color. Watch out . . . hold on . . .



I'm a happy girl. La-Z-Boy has thanked me profusely for my "kindness, consideration and understanding." I'm thinking that the long-winded call to the district manager's voice mail and threatening them with the BBB may have helped. So, I was sorry to say that they sucked, but the day that I wrote that-- they did.

Onward. My house is toasty. That's always nice. Outside is not so toasty. It's 25 degrees F.

The plumber was here for three hours. We haven't gotten the bill yet. He's a kind man, though. He replaced the main valve shut off, replaced a bunch of pipes by the washer, hooked up the new washer hook up's and set up the new wash tub. He's stopping in tomorrow after work to check on all of the shut off's to make certain that they do what they are supposed to do.

After work, I ended up swinging by home to pick up a few things that I needed to return. I returned some ill fitting socks to JC Penney and got myself a nifty sweater in return. I also bought some slippers with some remaining credit, which ended up being too small. Now, if only I can find that receipt. I need to check. AHHH! Maybe the refrigerator! At any rate, I took the broken frame back to Target (don't you love it when the packaging conceals that kind of thing?) and exchanged it for a laundry soap organizer that fits between the washer and dryer. It fits! My big ole bulk boxes of soap fit on there too! Now Hubs doesn't have to complain about the top of the dryer anymore! Oh, but on my shopping extravaganza, I stopped in to Kohl's to see what they had. Frankly, they had nothing I needed, but I was eyeing a cast iron pot. Hubs called while I was out to check on my progress. I told him of my quandary with not finding anything but the pot and he told me, "You've wanted one for a long time. JUST BUY THE POT!" I had gift cards, so I did. I am now a proud owner of an on-sale Paula Deen sculpted cast iron, pre-seasoned lidded pot. Other than absolutely rocking baked beans, I must find other things to make in my oh-so-extravagant bean pot. More recipes will make me feel better about spending all but $11.00 of my $75.00 worth of gift certificates on it. (It is a gift to me and aren't you supposed to buy yourself things that you normally wouldn't?!) I still feel guilty. Can't you tell? But, the pot will always fit. It won't wear out and clothing-- well, the thrift is my gig. For the most part, anyway!

So I with my bean pot and a laundry organizing rack, must now settle down for a winter night's nap.


Jamie said...

Yay for your new couch! That is so exciting!

I get those guilty feelings when I want or buy things for myself, too. I think that's a mom thing.

Natalie said...

Hooray for the new couch! They still suck because they took so long to resolve the issue. At least I know where not to go next time I am in the market for some new furniture!