Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Modern Convenience Returns to the House of Bailey's Leaf

You know what? I can turn the faucet and water comes out. I can flush the toilet and "stuff" goes away without my force flushing it with 1/2 bucket of water. I can wash my hands without Purell. Grant you, the water is yellow and we aren't going to drink it for a day, but it is water. Oh, and I got to take a nice, hot bath this evening. (For those of you anti-bath people-- shush! I love my baths and don't look at it as wallowing in my own filth.) Though I must add that Hubs just came in and asked, "Were you really that dirty or is the water that gross?" "Um, the water is that gross right now. Thanks, though."

Hubs had to go to work late today because the city had to inspect the plumbing. Apparently, they get a little miffy when you have to take the water meter off. We had a real-live certified plumber come and do the work, so they were impressed. In fact, they told Hubs that our plumber was "awesome." Of course, we know that. :)

So, we are now up with modern conveniences again. Brushing your teeth with bottled water is kind of a bummer. But, at least I have teeth to brush!

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