Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye, Little Gym

Warming up at the beginning of class

K- has gone to The Little Gym for 3 years. She started at 2 years old. When she started, she was afraid to jump. We began in the parent/child class. I admit that until Natalie, I wasn't loving the class too much for myself. (That's not why I was there.) It seemed to be filled with snotty women with equally snotty children. I didn't fit in, but K- loved it so I lumped it and continued on. When the kids got older, the class separated out and K- continued on and into the child only class. I've been a mom in a fishbowl for about two years and you know what? K- has loved it and me, too. I've been able to be with K- and watch her grow as I had time to talk in adult conversations with some other way cool mommies.

Pajama day brought lots of fun with Miss Anna

K- was asked to be in their "invitation only" class, but I declined. As lovely as it is that she has progressed that far in the classes, they only have one class and it is only on Wednesdays at 2 PM. She's with my mother-in-law then and she takes her swimming at that time. Besides, it's my mommy thing to do with her.

Mr. Eric has worked hard with K- to whip her into shape!

So to The Little Gym, we will miss you so. You have helped to build K- into the gymnastics fool that she is. She loves to balance, do cartwheels, somersaults, swing on bars and oh-- she loves to jump. Thanks for getting her out of that weird fear. Thanks for loving on her for so many years. Thanks for starting to miss her already.

We'll be going onto swimming now. Soon, K- will be in Kindergarten and that alone may very well be enough to start out with. We'll have Neat Feet Week at home. We'll do Pizza Hangs in the back yard. We'll smell the bar first, to see if it smells like feet. We'll remember to carry our tray of cookies, and throw in a Ta-Dah in the end.



ChupieandJ'smama said...

Too cute! And you're right. Time does fly by :(

Anonymous said...

They grow up too fast!