Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chili Anyone?

Today was our supposed to be annual Church Chili Social. It was a yearly event before our new Pastor came in. We had luncheons a couple of times a year and he came from a very large church that didn't do such things. We missed them. When our chili shin-dig was nixed, there was a slight uproar. I even wrote to the Pastor and told him that I was tossing my quarters worth in and perhaps it would land in my empty chili bowl.

I may not have told you, but I love chili. In fact, Hubs asked me earlier in the week what I would be doing on Sunday at about 2 PM. I told him that K- and I would be helping at the church chili lunch.

"But, what if no one shows up for my puppet show to help?"
"Honey, I have helped you on so many park programs. I have obligated myself to this. Besides, you know my love for chili."
"So you are choosing chili over me?"

Given the change in chili luncheon structure, I decided not to make my customary humungo stock pot o' chili. I knew that our attendance wouldn't be as it normally is. You see, our Pastor changed it to an afternoon event, not an after church event. Because of that, we had about 1/3 in attendance of what we normally do.

Since Hubs was working today, K- was with me and I got her all jazzed about helping me hand out chili. There are about 6 types of chili that are manned by women with ladles. I was armed and K- was my bowl hander. I put her cute apron on that Aunt Kristin got her last year for Easter. We both had our hair pulled back and we scooped until we needed not to scoop anymore. Then, we ate.

And ate.

And ate.

I'll tell you, Baptist woman sure do love to bring lots of desserts! I had a huge scoop of this cheesecake-y cherry topped number that was just lovely. Oh, and then I tossed caution and calorie counting to the wind for some delicious apple pie. Yum.

Then, I was on pan scrubbing duty. Do you know what happens when you cook chili in plug-in roasters for hours? It cakes on the side like cement. Blackened cement. I had to chisel it off with a metal spoon.

But, I am so full that I haven't eaten a thing since we got home. You know what? I got to bring home a doggie bag! I'll have chili for lunch tomorrow, too! Hooray!

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