Friday, January 30, 2009

The Budding Archaeologist

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History was one of the places that we went to celebrate Hubs' 37th birthday this past weekend. K- got yelled at by a guard for putting her hand on a rail (she wasn't touching anything and knew not to) and it kind of bent her out of shape. It didn't help that she was tired and had lost the fly that the gentleman made especially for her at LL Bean just earlier that day. Then, it was like a vision. The museum had an area where children can work on an archaeological dig (staged for them). It isn't easy, but she was able to get her frustrations out on the false accusation as she brushed and chiseled. Boy, that activity saved the museum part of the day.



Jamie said...

That's cute! Nothing like a grouchy adult to ruin the good mood, huh?

I don't think we have been to the museums since Halen was born. said...

Oh we have a grinchster at the grocery store. The store offers free cookies to children and this one particular lady is such a crab pot that my children are almost (not quite but almost) to the point of not wanting to go ask for their cookie. *sigh* some adults.

Glad your K- found a place where the day could be saved for her.