Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: American Girl Wardrobe Box

My in-law's bought K- an American Girl doll for Easter this year. It was very generous of them, as K- would have probably gotten the Target Our Generation knock off from us when the time did come. So we have the Little K- doll, as K- has named the doll after herself since it is the doll that is supposed to look like her anyhow. (K-'s doll has green eyes, but the only one I could find like her online had brown eyes.) We also have accessories and clothing. We needed a better way to keep track of Little K-'s stuff. So for K- and my two nieces, I made them American Girl Wardrobe Boxes for Christmas.

I purchased three extra large raw wood trunks from the Flower Factory. They were about $6.80 each. I did an acrylic staining to the boxes (one each of pink, purple and green) with the 50 cent acrylic craft paint that I purchased from Pat Catan's. I decorated the front with some printed canvas type material that I traded a friend for. I know that she purchased it at Joann Fabrics on the clearance. The larger rectangle I left print side up. The smaller rectangle that I personalized with round type stickers was just the printed material reversed. I fringed the edges before I glued all of it down. I continued to decorate the front of the box with the pre-painted wood cut-outs that I scored at Walmart for 47 cents each and the clearance rack rhinestones that I purchased this summer. (Ignore the sticks. Just keeping K-'s name private.)

I also glued the rhinestones on top of the screws on the big ole latch on the side.
On the inside, I lined the back of the box with the print material. I used Aleene's Clear glue to adhere the fabric and all of the other items to the box. Hubs cut some shelves for me from particle board that we already had. I glued the tight fitting shelves in with little side slats. These flat little sticks came from Walmart craft department for 77 cents. (A big pack.) I used Tite Bond glue that we already had. It does not dry clear. I did not know. Oh well. I electric stapled the elastic in for both the accessory box and the hair brush. I had some Sticko's stickers that I used to decorate above the hairbrush. It was a blank spot. It needed something. They were 99 cents at Pat Catan's.
I purchased little clear accessory boxes to tuck into the depth of the lid. I found these boxes at Walmart in the fabric department for $1.97 each. They'll be perfect for holding little hair accessories, socks and the bracelets and necklaces that I made for the dolls.

A little personalization on the back.

In the end, I figure that each box cost me about $11.50. That's a bargain! I admit that I used a lot of things that I already had on hand. I checked the American Girl website and their trunks start at $75.00. They are absolutely beautiful wardrobes, but none that I could afford. Making a handcrafted gift for my little girl meant a whole lot more to me. I hope that she enjoys it as much as I do!
Next week: I'm on a bit of a bloggy break. I'll be back after Christmas!


shepherdsgrace said...

GREAT IDEA! What a wonderful keepsake as well!!!!


Lynn said...

This is a great idea.

Wendy said...

I'm here for the first time from Rocks in my Dryer. It's so great that you posted this today. I have a similar project in the works. Mine is for one of their mini dolls - which they don't make anything for but which my daughter loves. So - good thing Mommy is crafty. I am using mod podge and scrapbook paper. Hope it turns out as cute as yours. In case your interested the only hearts club doll clothes from Target sometimes (if they have some give) fit the mini dolls. They do need some hemming but it's better than trying to make them from scratch. Merry Christmas.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thanks for checking in on me. I've been busy being Santa at home and at the school(s). The truck should be done tomorrow. It would have been done yesterday but the tire came in and it was the wrong color. HUH??? What color was it? Purple? I think they are giving me the run around. But they did call tonight to say it was done. Hoping the storm comes. Then school will be cancelled and I'll get out of working Marks Christmas party. Jasons Christmas concert was today and I drove some of Marks class to the old folks home for a Christmas concert. I'm officially school'd out;)

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

What a great idea! My niece would love it. I have boys! :)
Merry Christmas!

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