Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tales from the Trenches: I Still Have a Damaged Couch in My House

Remember this?That would be my damaged couch. The same one that we paid good money for. The same one that I've waited 12 years for. It was delivered on December 5. I let the delivery man know of the damage. We noted it on the paperwork. When he walked out of the door, I called the store. The store answered the phone using my name. They scheduled service to come out. Service comes out on December 19 and informs me that they will order up a new piece to replace. "Um, no." The tech said, "Ma'am, I'm just a tech." I've been nothing but kind and patient. However, I did not pay the money that I paid for this very beautiful couch to have it be a repaired couch. I paid the money that I paid to have a new couch. So, I called the store when the tech left. They told me to call the service manager, so I did that on the afternoon of December 19. On December 22, the service manager's assistant called me at work on the work phone to tell me that Shelly the service manager will be calling me on December 23. Okay. To date, I have not heard from Shelly. So, I call again yesterday morning and leave a message that I hadn't heard anything, we're coming up to having had this damaged couch in our home for almost a month and I certainly don't want them thinking that I'm good with keeping a damaged couch. Shelby, the sales manager assistant, calls and apologizes for Shelly not calling but now she is on vacation until Friday. She suggested that I call the store. "But Shelby, the store told me to call you." So I called the store and spoke to the gentleman who originally sold us the couch. Apparently, our sales person had been talking with the owner about our couch this weekend. He has now taken down my e-mail address and is e-mailing me their updates as they have them.


Edited to add:

I just sent the following e-mail to the furniture company. I've not heard from them. If I haven't heard from them by Monday, I'll be contacting the owner myself.

Hi Craig,

It is Friday, January 2, 2009 at 5:15 PM. I've heard nothing. As of Monday, January 5, I will have had this damaged couch in my home for 1 month. Please help me to get this flipped with a new couch of the same style and color. If you would like to pass this e-mail on to the owner, I would much appreciate it.

My in-law's are livid. I am in disbelief myself. I kind of feel like the ball has been dropped. A big ball in the form of a damaged couch in the middle of my livingroom. I have been kind. I have been understanding. However, I do admit that my kindness and understanding are running a hair thin. (Yes, I realize that it isn't your fault.)

Please help me to resolve this situation in a more timely manner. I feel like my other avenue has been exhausted. (AKA the service manager has still failed to contact me, even though she was to contact me well over a week ago.)

Thank you!


I'll keep you posted on the updates. I'm sure that you are waiting to hear the outcome of my couch. (Insert sarcasm here.)


ChupieandJ'smama said...

So sorry! It shouldn't be this hard. But it always is, isn't it?
Can't they just order you a new couch? I hope it all gets fixed soon.

Jamie said...

That totally stinks! I don't blame you one bit for wanting a NEW couch. Nothing like the run-around, huh?

Keep pushing them and hopefully you will get what you deserve soon.

Natalie said...

So my dad works for a furniture store and he is the repair guy. And when they have something like your couch that obviously cannot be repaired they just order a new one from the manufacturer and "toss" the damaged one. This is how we have gotten a few pieces of furniture in our home, from the toss pile. Keep on them about your couch until you get a brand spanking new one! 12 years and any amount of money for a new couch is toooo much for one that has some ick on the front. Don't let them get away with this!!