Friday, December 19, 2008

Ice pellets are falling from heaven!

You see the big red blob? Um, we're in the middle of that. Thank goodness that I held off on some final details for K-'s party! Seriously, I've got to go out regardless. I'll wait for a while to hopefully have the roads clear a bit. They haven't been doing such a hot job of snow clearing this season (salt shortage due to hurricanes, governor putting those funds to something else . . .), so it can get just a wee slickery around here. K-'s Little Gym was canceled for the day, so we're be hangin' close to the homefront.

And the party, you ask? We will be doing the Tinkerbell theme this year. I figured out that I need a few more table cloths and plates for adults. I already have the treat bags made. (They'll be getting sparkly Moon Sand, a Tinkerbell pencil, stickers and green and purple gum balls. I, in very Virgoian fashion, dug through the bulk candy bin at the store until I got the number of green and purple gum balls that I needed. I swear that those people probably talked about me when I left!) I picked the key up to the building yesterday, so I've got all that figured out. Our church has a recreation building that is available for members to rent with a love gift. It is nice with access to basketball hoops, soccer nets, all the balls that you'd need and frankly, it is a nice place to just have the kids run. Hubs will be borrowing the tug o' war rope from work again this year. K- has already asked! She is ready to go.

The weather has been all over the place and at least this gives a place were they can run their babyson leggins off and I can send them home good and tired. Parents love us for that. Also, with my house being just a hair over 1000 sq ft, the recreation building is much larger. I'm sure you could fit my house in their a few times, anyhow.

I was baking until at least 12:30 AM last night. A friend from Milwaukee had called to say that they may or may not be making it in for K-'s party and we were talking for a bit. (I still baked as I talked!) I was still wired from Festival Choir dress rehearsal and know that I was up until at least 1:30 AM. I'm making my way through the Gilmore Girls DVD library I have. I've watched them a billion times and like to watch them when I can't sleep.

I have more baking to do. I need to bake the Heath bar/Chocolate Chip/Chocolate Chunk cookies today. (I swear that I think that there are more candy bits in there than there is dough.) I might toss the thumbprints together. Oh, and I must deal with the brownies. My chocolate/chocolate cookies came out tasting good, but they are pancake flat. I'm still putting them into the Christmas cookie boxes anyway. They are baked. They are good. They still qualify.

The couch guy is coming between 3-5 PM, so we'll find out whether he thinks that we should score a new couch or not. It's a cliff hanger. I know that your every holiday plan hinges on whether the home of Bailey's Leaf will be getting a replacement of the biffed couch that received earlier in the month. Ah, we do bring excitement to the blogosphere!

So, what's going on in your neck o' the woods today? Anything fun?

Have a great ice-free day!
Edited to add: We have friends who are literally snowed in, in Milwaukee. My sister-in-law and her family are in Chicago attempting to make it about an hour north of Milwaukee.
Our friends won't be making it for K-'s birthday and both girls are sad about it. It was the first birthday since they relocated to Milwaukee that the kids would have been able to celebrate either one of their birthdays together. I'm sad for them. My sister's kids have the stomach funk, which might knock them out of the running for the party tomorrow. K-'s sibs aren't coming because they are out of town or visiting their other parental unit. We have another child with Christmas choir dress rehearsal. My nephews are with their mom, so my brother doesn't have them and has to work anyhow. K- will have a small group tomorrow instead of the 18 + that we initially expected, but we'll have a great time!

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