Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You know that it's going to be a long night when . . .

You get a call from your mother-in-law, kind enough to watch your child two days a week, saying that "K- is sick with a fever and she vomited."


"So K-, what do you think that your number is going to be?" "Um, Mommy, I think that it'll have a one and a two in it." While I'll be, she's right. 101.2 F and chugging upwards.

"K-, do you want me to ask Daddy to pick up anything special for you on his way home?"

"Yes, I would like soup with a hole in it (Soup at Hand) and a toy, please. Daddy always gets me a toy when I puke. " (That he does.) Since we have soup without a hole at home, I told her that soup with a hole is a Chicago thing. That's a special Aunt Kristin thing. (I'm cheap, people.)


So, hubs will be searching out the local Wal for Sprite and a suitable toy to commemorate this bout of the stomach funk.

I'm thinking that work and school tomorrow are not in our future. But, I have a full pot of chili in the crock pot to keep me well fed! Well, that and soup without a hole.

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ChupieandJ'smama said...

Hope she's feeling better soon. Hope it doesn't hit the rest of the house....especially hubs. He doesn't need anymore stomach yuck.