Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Would anyone like a Hand, Foot and/or Mouth?

Why yes, we have cashed in on yet another one of the childhood diseases. Seems as though Little Miss K- has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, though Hubs prefers to just call it Hoof and Mouth. (An entirely different disease in critters only, thank you. He does it because he thinks that it is funny.) Apparently it is going around. Two families in the public school system here have said that fliers went home with their children. I have contacted the preschool and the church office. Wasn't it kind of us to expose them? Call us consistent! We exposed them to Chicken Pox and Roseola when K- was 1, why change our habits now?

The good news is that on the scale of ickiness, this ranks low. By far, Roseola was the winner with a 104 degree fever that I couldn't break for a week. Let us not forget 5ths Disease with the diarrhea for 6 weeks. Oh, that was special. Quite a test on all brands of diapers, too. Since I'm listing them out, I may as well mention that the Chicken Pox actually came from the vaccine. She broke out on Hubs' birthday and I had the once a decade illness that knocks me to my knees. I was sick, so was she and she lived on Goldfish Crackers for a week. Call me nothing if not a wonderful provider.

We're a very, very special lot we are.

Well wishes to all. May your hands, feet and mouths be disease free!

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