Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Toys Worth Buying Edition

We purchased the Fisher Price Twin Time Dollhouse for our daughter last year for Christmas.

Her birthday is December 20, so she gets a lot of miscellaneous things as it is. After several years of a Hannukah style Christmas (she literally shut down on opening and wouldn't open anymore, thus leaving us with a gift a day to open for the next several), we opted to purchase one big gift with the items to go with. Can I say, she has loved it! In fact, she is looking forward to Santa bringing the wedding couple to her. Still a year later, she loves it and that makes a mama's heart happy.
I had the house out of the box and wrapped in a sheet. (Klassy, I know.) We had the rooms bundle wrapped, so there were 3 - 4 boxes together. She was thrilled! It took a bit of time to cut the parts out of the boxes. The house and parts can seem a little more expensive, but Toys R Us runs them BOGO at the holidays, so it isn't too bad. I ended up purchasing mine early in the season last year and returned it several times until I ended up with the house, all the rooms available at the time (and yard items) for $100.00. The mega box that they offer is a nice idea, but you can save more money if you do some price comparisons. I initially purchased early, because we knew that's what we wanted for K- and were afraid that we wouldn't be able to find it.
In the end, we're pleased to announce that in our house, it was a hit!


~Deidra~ said...

I got my daughter one of these last year for Christmas and she loves it too. She is only 3, so I know that she will enjoy it even more as she grows. I don't think they make these anymore though. I ordered mine last year from Fisher Price and it came with a little crack in the side. I called them about a replacement and was told that it was discontinued.

Anonymous said...

My daughter got this last year from Santa (she was just over 2) and it has been the end-all-be-all. She spends hours playing with it! We took it one step further and had it set up under the tree with the furniture, etc. already in it. They have a new version/model out this year they've been advertising with a winding staircase and a green roof.

Michelle said...

My inlaws just told me they want to purchase that doll house for Kayla for Christmas! I was a little leery thinking it was so big! But it sounds like it provides a lot of fun; I'm sure Kayla will enjoy it too!